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      Recommend a gun store for someone in downtown Indianapolis

      My go to shop. Has been for over a decade.
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      Hellcat Owner Questions

      I would suggest a range trip to rent a few handguns before you decide on what you would like to buy and carry. Or a range trip with a friend that has a few different platforms you can try. That being said, I have a few hellcats and I’m very fond of them from a daily concealed carry pov. Still...
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      In major radio shakeup, Emmis sells Indy stations

      USB charges phone while plugged in so streaming whatever content your heart desires won’t drain your phone battery. Is this a real conversation?
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      Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

      Wash and repeat please
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      Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

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      Springfield Armory Ronin.....

      Wife gifted me one last summer for a bday gift. It shoots as well as the TRP she gifted me as well. Just no front strap serrations or pic rail. It’s such a classic looking piece, beautiful contrast. one of my favorite pistols..
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      COLT 6920

      street price on new cr6920‘s is 1100-1400 . Older le versions are more desirable so I assume 1300-1600 value. Ymmv
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      6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Bullet Proofing?

      What are you referring to as bulletproofing? Head studs and bulletproof egr cooler? Also replacement of oil cooler and updated fuel pressure regulator kit? What year 6.0 ? Early models such as 03-04 models also recommend new HP oil pump , as the smaller early pumps are fragile. when cab off...
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      Is Plainfield Shooting Supply Closing??

      Not sure? I stopped in this past Saturday and it was busy AF. Inventory was extremely low on pistols. They probably need a break, traffic has been insane for the past few months.
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      Is it a pistol? AOW? SBR? Or illegal?

      No offense, but I can’t understand the notion of paying the feds to be on a watchlist. Makes no sense to me,never mind paying a tax for the right to own a firearm. The NFA sucks and the fact that gun owners have accepted it infuriates me.
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      Donald Rainwater for Governor

      Our household is done with Holcomb, 2 more votes for DR.. These mandates don’t hurt them just the commoners.
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      2020 Squirrel Season

      thank you, yes the time flies!
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      2020 Squirrel Season

      Just returned from a morning out with my 14 yo son. I didn’t expect any activity with the heat and humidity. I was wrong. In approximately 2 hours we bagged 7 between us. They are hitting the shag bark hickory’s hard. Btw the boy beat dad, he harvested 4 and dad 3. Dad got the fun of dressing 7.
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      Ask an INGO plumber - water heater edition

      Replace the water heater, it’s living on borrowed time. I had a 14-15 yo WH that had a slightly leaky tp valve, I’m talking a occasional dribble. Basement location with a floor drain. You are gambling with a unit that old, replace it and sleep well. I compare it to old tires or brakes on a car...
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      1 dead...police chase...Indy’s northwest side ends...officer-involved shooting

      It sucks being stuck with leadership that you didn’t pick. Part of the reason I’m not a resident of Marion co. any longer.
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      1 dead...police chase...Indy’s northwest side ends...officer-involved shooting

      Try harder or maybe riot to get your way. Seems to be working for some folks.
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      1 dead...police chase...Indy’s northwest side ends...officer-involved shooting

      Hell yeah! I’d vote twice to get rid of him if I lived in Marion co. Citizens of the capital city got the mayor they deserve.
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      Downtown Indy Riots/damage overnight...

      Why, for the love of god would a Leo do that ? I would consider it a bonus to watch the stupid bleed from the body till lifeless! I have no remorse for whatever these lowlifes get when about their nefarious ways. Unfortunately we are seeing how a segment of society will act when allowed. They...
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      Going to refrain from comment and help

      I’m a firm believer if you are anti-gun in any fashion then you should have to honor your beliefs. You don’t get a come to Jesus moment of clarity because it’s convenient for you. Hard learned lessons aren’t soon forgotten. Sorry if it’s your mil or a close relative.
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