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    1. 360willys

      WTS: Ruger Target 10/22

      Ruger 10/22 with hammer forged barrel and archangel stock $450 for gun or $500 with drum mag. Location south bend
    2. 360willys

      WTS: Sold

      Price drop 225
    3. 360willys

      WTS: Sold

      Price drop $250 cash south bend
    4. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: Sold

      Bear creek upper in 17hmr I believe is 1-9 twist. Anderson arms lower multi cal lower. Comes with a scope that was around $200 new from Midway USA. Comes with one mag and I believe 200 rounds location south bend $700 trade
    5. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: ww1 p14 Remington 303 British

      Sold sorry wont let me edit
    6. 360willys

      WTS: mossberg 500 rifled barrel

      Have a mossberg 500 slug gun 24 inch rifled barrel. $350 location south bend
    7. 360willys

      WTS: Sold

      Savage a22 $300 obo location south bend
    8. 360willys

      WTT: 1864 Norwich

      bump price drop $600 Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
    9. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: sold 10/22

      have a nice 50th anniversary Ruger 10/22. In a nice hogue stock. that stock does work with a bull barrel. Also has a bsa 6-24-40 mil dot scope that goes with it. Have not sighted scope in the scope doesn't look the prettiest but glass looks good. asking $400 obo location is south bend. Sent...
    10. 360willys

      WTS: archangel 10/22 stock

      have a aftermarket 10/22 stock. Got it on trade but put regular stock on. South bend $75 Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
    11. 360willys

      WTT: sold Rossi pump gallery gun

      really nice 22 with fiber optic sights. location south bend $200
    12. 360willys

      WTT: sold

      this is going to sound funny I got this in a trade 10/22 50 anniversary edition in a arch angel ar stock looking to trade for a regular 10/22 with a decent scope. the arch angel stock looks like there over $100. I need a decent truck 22 and the ar stock won't fit well under the seat. Sent from...
    13. 360willys

      WTT: 1864 Norwich

      Have a very neat 1864 Norwich musket it's i believe a 58 caliber smooth bore. I got it as a wall hanger. Bad nipple, action didn't work, and just been sitting for years. I had the nipple replaced. Also had the action fixed so it is a working firearm now. New springs inside the action. Value at...
    14. 360willys

      WTT: sold Springfield hellcat pro

      Thinking about trading my Springfield hellcat pro for something different swamp fox will need a new battery. The battery died a week or two ago the one button did fall off. Have either 6-7 mags for it carried. maybe 200rds through it if that. looking to trade for a different carry gun can add...
    15. 360willys

      WTT: Beretta bobcat stainless 22lr

      like new in orginal box looking to trade for a higher end 22 rifle value $500 trade. location south bend.
    16. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: wheel horse tractor

      will trade for a gun price drop $2000
    17. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: sold cimmerron 10mm 8 inch revolver

      gun only $550 this week or $700 with red dot Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
    18. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: ww1 p14 Remington 303 British

      bump would take $600 for bare gun this week or $700 with brass, dies, and bullets. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
    19. 360willys

      WTS: 1890 Winchester

      it's a 1890 Winchester in 22 short made in 1899 asking $900 has the orginal case with it. last one i seen was in worse shape at a gun show no case and he wanted $950 location south bend Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
    20. 360willys

      WTS/WTT: sold cimmerron 10mm 8 inch revolver

      bump gun only for $600 Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
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