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      WTS: ***SOLD*** Springfield XD 9mm (new) and XDSC 9mm w/extras

      Listing these together in case someone wants both complementary guns: XD 9mm Service model - New and never fired - Defend Your Legacy series in the original box and with single 16rd magazine - Adding two additional (also new) 16rd Springfield magazines $380 -- SOLD XDSC 9mm - In very good...
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      WTS: **SOLD** - M&P 9 Shield 1.0 w/extras

      Selling a low round count (unsure of exact #, but low) S&W M&P Shield 1.0 with the following: Original box, manual, lock, etc. 3 S&W magazines -- 2-8rd and 1-7rd IWB Kydex holster 25rd box of Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX ammo This is the no manual safety model. $280 In the...
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      WTS: Winchester model 62A - SOLD

      Serial # puts it in 1947. Serial #'s match. Functions and shoots well. S, L, LR. Finish is fairly rough, but is priced accordingly. $300 Fishers area.
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      WTS: SOLD. Ruger P89 w/extras

      Bump and price drop.
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      WTS: SOLD. Ruger P89 w/extras

      SOLD. Ruger P89 in excellent shape. Includes two factory 10RD mags, two 15RD Mec-Gar mags, and original loader. Has safety/decocker (not decocker only). Also includes Hogue grips (and original grips included). Just time to clear some things out. $350 $325 cash.
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      CZ 75 Sight adjustment (or new sights)

      Huge shout-out to Hopper for helping a guy out. Thank you! Good go know they're not always perfect when they leave the factory.
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      CZ 75 Sight adjustment (or new sights)

      Thank you. I'll send you a PM -- that sounds perfect.
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      CZ 75 Sight adjustment (or new sights)

      I have a fairly recently-purchased CZ 75 that seems to need the rear sight adjusted (multiple people are having similar results in shooting it). Is there anyone recommended on the north side of Indy / Fishers that could take a look? If it makes sense, I'm not against better sights, but I'm not...
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      STARTING A TREND: Women Posing For Pictures With Guns To Support Open Carry

      I hope she has a good grip on that. Gonna hurt.
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      The CZickness XIII: Lucky 13, we could all use some.

      Ha. Yeah, having my oldest involved in the process did help the situation. Can't play that card too often, but she really was showing some interest and I wanted something easier to teach on than my sub compacts.
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      The CZickness XIII: Lucky 13, we could all use some.

      Bought my first CZ two weeks ago for my daughters to learn on. New 75B. I think I'm going to like it.
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      Gun range coming to Carmel?

      Dropped in briefly. Lots of ammo. Very friendly staff. Range looked nice (but didn't try it). I'll be back.
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      WTS/WTT: Springfield XD-45

      Price drop, bump.
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      WTS/WTT: Springfield XD-45

      Price drop, bump.
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      WTS: .45 ACP ammo

      Price drop, bump.
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