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      Going Green For The "Greater Good"! Gas Powered Small Engine Bans are Coming!

      Ah, Chickanic! One of the few people I watch on YouTube. I love when she says “y’all” - what a talented country girl. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, gas engines are bad, lithium mines are good…
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      INGO HAM Radio Club

      I have a ham and a gmrs license, but my interest ebbs and flows in the hobby randomly. Last couple years I've only done mototrbo/dmr stuff. I still have a motorola xpr-2500 uhf dmr radio in the car. I did just finish installing a pair of kenwood nx-5700 and nx-5800 decks in the truck, so I...
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      Pence 2024

      Really? A disappointment as governor and not executive material? Are we talking about Pence or Trump? You know, the guy who has been indicted twice, and impeached twice. I get it, you want an ******* and a bully in the White House. And I think you may be right to want that these days. Pence...
    4. C


      I recently got the waterproof version of the Moab 3 shoes and like them so far for on-trail stuff. Still have my older Salomon Quest (maybe 3 can’t remember) boots which have also been comfortable and durable for years - like them better for off trail since they are taller and keep debris out...
    5. C

      Mike Braun for Governor

      This, plus he got in bed with the Indiana Forest Alliance, which is a strange bedfellow since they have been championing every D candidate that comes along until they got his ear. But no, Crouch sucks because she won’t trash talk her boss. I’m just not into the whole fight to the death...
    6. C

      Mike Braun for Governor

      Several of us that would be described as conservative have discussed candidates and prefer Suzanne Crouch Given the choices. I met her before and was impressed. Braun isn’t that bad but there have been some things with him I don’t like.
    7. C

      What Should the US do if/when China Invades Taiwan?

      Getting involved in that seems like a really bad idea. But I assume we have committed at least a certain amount of support to them. I’d say we have to help to whatever extent we have already agreed if specifics were given. What if Taiwan somehow suddenly had a few nuclear weapons and a...
    8. C

      Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025: 'I hope I am wrong'

      The party will be over if that happens, not going to be good for anyone. I figured they would take Taiwan soon and then we would be involved.
    9. C

      DNR begins $30 Million Monon South Trail Development

      Sounds reasonable. I suppose it depends on whether the trail is in a suburban area or rural on how much trouble you have. Personally, I find it hard to ride my bike while I‘m high on drugs, and I’m too embarrassed to crap in someone else’s yard.…or really my own for that matter.
    10. C

      DNR begins $30 Million Monon South Trail Development

      I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. I hate I69. A new terrain highway route always requires eminent domain, takes much more land that you were using for your own private use beforehand, leaves a scar on the landscape, becomes your new noisy neighbor 24/7, and splits your land without the...
    11. C

      DNR begins $30 Million Monon South Trail Development

      My wife and I love riding rail trails, and southern Indiana is pretty lacking in those sort of trails. We’ve ridden the Bedford to Williams dam trail several times. It’s the only one of its kind in southwest Indiana. The 20 mile round trip is a reasonable day ride for me. On our last...
    12. C

      Vaccines and stuff: Pt 2

      I'm squarely in the camp of, you do what you want. That being said, I try to keep an open mind on both sides of any issue. I commented in here previously that I got vaccinated at the urging of my wife. As far as I know I also have not gotten covid yet (I am not big on crowds even before all...
    13. C

      Favorite Firearm purchase in 2022?

      My only purchase of 2022, same as someone else above. M&P 2.0 in 10mm! Added a Holosun 507c also.
    14. C


      Ferdinand State Forest. 30 acre lake, primitive self-pay campsites $13 per night usually pretty quiet. Also a $7 entrance fee May through October ish.
    15. C

      Vaccines and stuff: Pt 2

      Well as another random data point…I have the Pfizer shot with one booster. Mostly at the urging of my wife. Havent had Covid as far as I know. No negative health effects so far. I’m not worried about it either way. Die from Covid, die from the vaccine, die from a gunshot, a car wreck...
    16. C

      Trump 2024 ??? That story is an example of how I think the democrats win in 2024 if Trump becomes the nominee. Doesn’t matter how good Trump was or is. He is just so toxic - I wouldn’t go so far as the guy in...
    17. C

      Russia vs Ukraine anyone watching this ignite?

      So if Putin has successfully saved the world now, does that mean he is going to get the **** out of Ukraine?
    18. C

      Russia vs Ukraine anyone watching this ignite?

      oooooh Putins not gonna be happy about that. Let’s see if he’s crazy enough to attack Poland or our base in Germany. Wonder how many pilots Ukraine has left to fly them, or how many unbombed runways to fly from. Russia may not be doing well in the ground war, but I suspect they are more than...
    19. C

      I think this says it all.

      Surprised the numbers are so low - where are we gonna go? If the US is being invaded (which it won’t be) the world has probably turned into a **** show anyway. Probably no choice but to make a stand or go into captivity at that point.
    20. C

      Russia vs Ukraine anyone watching this ignite?

      I admit given the choice of involving ourselves, or not involving ourselves - we seem to have a poor success rate long term with anything involving regime change. And we seem to **** everyone off no matter what we do…
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