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    1. D

      .41 mag powders?

      Just avoid Blue Dot and very light bullets if you like having a forcing cone.
    2. D

      Knife Sharpening Tips

      It's ALL in the angle. Interestingly the exact angle is really unimportant as long as you can maintain that angle for every stroke. Almost any angle will give you an edge if you can bring the two sides together until a burr starts to form. Low angles work well for kitchen knive and steeper...
    3. D

      Federal Court: Knives are ‘Arms’ and Protected by the Second Amendment

      I certainly hope it does have a HUGE implication on current laws.
    4. D

      Rossi 720 44 Special

      After trying many different carry guns I settled on the .44 Spl. in a DA snub years ago and in over 30 years I have not found ANTHING better for CCW use. If you can get one good hit with a heavy hard cast .44 Spl. - all the others run away.........
    5. D

      Press check return to battery question

    6. D

      Press check return to battery question

      The reason your pistol is doing this is because the barrel was fitted as tight as they could get it in the hopes the accuracy will last a little longer. When the slide goes into battery from the full rearward position inertia will carry it all the way home. When you press check it - that is not...
    7. D

      1911 link pin fell out

      They fall out very commonly - especialy on Colt guns. It's just sloppy tolerance numbers. It doesn't harm anything - when the gun is assembled that pin cannot go anywhere. Just don't lose it - or go ahead and stake it in. It is not a "defect" - it's mass production.....
    8. D

      Carry Rotation Logic

      Any guy who has carried and shot extensively with one gun for many years has got my attention - he won't just shoot at you - he'll hit you exactly where he wants. I have carried a DA snub .44 Spl. since 1986 and practiced and shot matches with it. It has become an extension of my hand. It's all...
    9. D

      LMPD Instructor accidentally shoots recruit

      " appears to be accidental...." It just happens to highly trained LEOs.
    10. D

      1911 Questions

      The good thing about tearing it down regularly is you can inspect parts for uneven wear or fitting problems before they do any real damage. Lube. Shoot. Repeat.
    11. D

      1911 front strap checkering?

      I have cut and competed with 20 and 30 LPI and if I were going to do it all again I would just do 25 LPI. It's the perfect compromise.
    12. D

      Is the DA/SA pistol becoming a thing of the past?

      Good one man.
    13. D

      Ruger GP100 Trigger - How does it compare to Smith & Wesson?

      "Out of the box" they're all pretty terrible - but they can be tuned. How much money do you have? Can you get more?
    14. D

      Ruger GP100 Trigger - How does it compare to Smith & Wesson?

      A Ruger DA trigger can be improved quite a bit but it will never feel like a tuned S&W DA trigger because the geometry of the moving parts is COMPLETELY different. I own and have tuned both types and I'll put the S&W up against any of the Rugers as far as how it "feels". Ruger does make a better...
    15. D

      Is the DA/SA pistol becoming a thing of the past?

      One can only hope but it won't go away.
    16. D

      Do you have more than 1 CCW pistol?

      I have 3 .44 Spl. snub revolvers that are all I will use for carry. Loaded with heavy hard cast lead SWC loads. I can grab any one of them and they all feel exactly the same in my hands and they all fit in the same holster. No feed stoppages or failures to eject or magazine springs that can't...
    17. D


      When I first started working on 1911 pistols seriously in the '80s I was astounded to hold a frame and see the engineering genius of John Browning. And today I am still astounded by all of the guns he designed. The fact that the Browning Machine Gun is still in use by our military worldwide is...
    18. D

      Winchester lever action .45

      A carefully tuned Winchester in the hands of a serious shooter scares me more than some punk with an AR with a 30 round magazine in it. I have Winchesters in .357 and .44 I only wish I had bought more of them.
    19. D

      Bloomington Police Investigating N Maple St Shooting

      I moved out in '96 and then the Govt. was trying to regulate your life furiously and accomplishing nothing in the process but finding new ways to stick their greasy little hands into your wallet. It is paradise for Democrats. I'm so glad I got out alive.......
    20. D

      Heavier Hammer Spring in Colt SAA

      Most of the top competitors is Western shooting install heavy mainsprings to decrease lock time which is dreadfully slow on a big single action - not as bad as a flintlock but awfully long wait for "hammer falls - gun fires Wait for it". I installed heavier than stock springs in all of my Rugers...
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