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    1. efd1295

      Favorite gift received for Christmas 2023

      Wife surprised me with a heated vest. Didn’t realize how much I’d like it.
    2. efd1295

      Cute Pet Pic thread

      Anxiously waiting to see what’s in their stocking
    3. efd1295

      The latest thing to go from thats nice to extremely irritating.

      Add the Lume deodorant commercial to the list
    4. efd1295

      16 yr old car insurance?

      Daughter just turned 16 this summer and recently went through all of this. Unfortunately, there’s no “standard” and it all depends. After many conversations with my agent, everything matters from the age/type of car to their grades. We have a SUV, but the model is listed as a “Sport”. Guess...
    5. efd1295

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Yes sir! It’s definitely a long drive, but worth it, especially this time of year. I would say last week was peak colors from Cadillac north.
    6. efd1295

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Just got back from a trip to the U.P. Wife wanted to see the colors. Had beautiful weather 3 out of the 4 days we were there.
    7. efd1295

      Scanning with a Baofeng

      Hendricks County is a simulcast system. The only reliable scanner that works with simulcast is the Uniden SDS-100/200...
    8. efd1295

      National Dog Day!

      Charlie, making sure she always has a body of water in sight
    9. efd1295

      What have you done this week to prep? PART II

      Have you looked here? I have a 2200, but I'm guessing it's the same carb gasket.
    10. efd1295

      "Big Boy" stock options for CZ 457 Scout

      I have a KRG on my 457 and it has spacers for adjustable LOP. I’m very happy with it.
    11. efd1295

      VPN Providers

      I'm using Nord on all my devices. Allows me to connect to various servers of my choice. No problems for the last two years. The only complaint I have is my bank does not like VPN connetions from out of country. But with the app, it allows me to pause the VPN connection for a few minutes so I...
    12. efd1295

      Who makes a chronograph you recommend?

      Another Labradar user here. Buy once, cry once.
    13. efd1295

      P320 10mm

      Awesomeness. Great shooter. The gun has some weight to it which helps manage the recoil. With the Romeo2 mounted it’s one of my favorite guns to shoot. It really fits my hands well. My only gripe right now is it’s hard to find extra mags.
    14. efd1295

      Smokeless powder...hard to reload without it

      Not sure where in Indiana you are, but The Firing Pin in Niles, MI had 3 or 4 8lb kegs of AR COMP on Wednesday.
    15. efd1295

      Truck, rear seat pet protectors - What do you all recommend?

      This is what I'm using in my 2500 Silverado. Has held up great for the last two years. Every once in a while, I shake it out and throw it in the washing machine. It hasn't ripped or faded and has held up to my 70lb lab (who also goes with me everywhere). Leather seats underneath the cover...
    16. efd1295

      Question for the EMTs

      Medic here for 18 years. I'd also get her a stethoscope maybe with her initials engraved. Most of the places that sell them offer the engraving service. Boots wear out, scissors get lost or they grow legs. She will be able to use a stethoscope...
    17. efd1295

      Congresswoman Walorski killed in car crash

      I'm sure detail will emerge soon, but what's even more puzzling is that intersection has a round-a-bout. She was also a big supporter of Public Safety. I believe her father retired from South Bend Fire.
    18. efd1295

      Congresswoman Walorski killed in car crash

      Sad new out of Elkhart County
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