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      WTS: GLOCK 43X

      GLOCK 43X WITH FACTORY NIGHT SIGHT OPTION. Not MOS model. It has had only 300 rounds of factory FMJ through it - 115 gr and 124 gr. In pretty much like new condition. It includes an extra magazine (for a total of three). Local prices for a non-night sight model are 499 - plus tax and extra...
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      Henry's new 223/556 rifle

      As I have decided to get out of the 223/556 world, I am intrigued by the 300 BLK option. My only concern is that the revised internals are a departure from the tried mechanics of existing lever actions - I'll have to follow to see if any issues pop up.
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      LEWIS MACHINE & TOOL - LMT DEFENDER 2000 16" RIFLE 556 - UNFIRED. MLOK. Comes in original box (just a generic cardboard rifle box). Has LMT's renowned monolithic upper. Straight gas tube with low profile gas block. Completely stock - all parts ( e.g. stock, charging handle, grip and BCG are what...
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      STACCATO CS. 9mm. Straight trigger. Ambi safety. 3 magazines. Has had 950 rounds through it - all factory FMJ. Includes new style Staccato pistol case with all pwk etc. My cost was $2674. Will sell to proper person with valid Indiana DL for $2400 cash. FTF in NWI. No trades. *** SOLD ***
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      Why Glocks? Do You Still Care? - Video by the 1911 Syndicate

      Over the past 20 or so years, I've had 3 different generations of Glock 19s. Just last year, I got a Gen 5 MOS. Partly because I wanted to try out RDS and my hammer-fired pistols are not optic-friendly. My main reason is that I think it is wise to have a few Glocks in case of gun limits/gun...
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      WTS: TISAS 1911 Stingray Carry 9mm Pistol with Ed Brown Bobtail - B9BA. Aluminum frame and Steel slide

      TISAS 1911 Stingray Carry 9mm Pistol with Ed Brown Bobtail - B9BA. Aluminum frame and Steel slide. Black slide and dark gray frame. 70 series style. Novak style sights. Never fired and like new. Comes with case, manual, lock, cleaning brush, bushing wrench, two magazines and hard case. Selling...
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      WTS: SOLD ******** GLOCK G44 22LR

      GLOCK G44 22 LR. I've only shot 100 rounds of CCI through the pistol. Comes with original case, manual, two magazines, cleaning kit, and lock. Everything looks like new. Also included is a factory 10-round magazine, unused and still in package. Sell to proper person in FTF in NWI with valid...
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      ☆New Ruger American Rifle Generation II

      I had been considering an American Ranch in 556. I'm glad I held off as these seem a little nicer for not a lot more money. I would have liked a Savage but their 223 type rifles are only chambered for 223 not 556. I usually buy whatever brass-cased ammo is on sale, so I have both. I like the...
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      Magnacut steel?

      When Magnacut was first announced, I did all my online research. Considering Larrin Thomas' academic and professional background, and the reviews from prominent knife influencers, I decided to get a Magnacut folder. Finally came in last week - a mini Adams. It's a speedy option but I love the...
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      Acro P2 - need feedback

      I have a P-2. Well built optic - and my eyes (with astigmatism) like the dot. I've had no issues with it. The mount system certainly appears robust. My only complaint is the size - I have no hope of concealing it on my carry pistol. That's why I bought a closed red dot.
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      AIMPOINT ACRO P-2 RED DOT SIGHT. 3.5 MOA red dot. Original cost was $599 plus tax - $640.93. Has been used for about 200 - 300 rounds on a pistol. Selling for $550 FTF in NWI. *** WITHDRAWN ***
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      What are the current "good to go" hard use red dot optics?

      I went through this search a couple of months ago. After researching multiple forums, YouTube reviews etc. I came away with the impression that the Aimpoint Comp M4 was the toughest RDS out there. I also wanted long battery life, which ruled out the Eotechs for me. It is in the upper end of...
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      Red Dot Sights

      Exactly. I recently had this discussion with my son. Looking at the same RDS, he saw a crisp circle whereas I saw a smeared one. Took a picture on my phone and I had a better idea of what he was seeing. On a related note, different brands present differently. My green Holosun does not look...
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      Ideas for Revolver grip

      I thought the term "rubber" meant from the rubber tree - i.e. latex. Latex allergies are weird. It also means avoiding certain fruit e.g. bananas, kiwi, watermelon. My N fame is listed as a 2.5" barrel. So the defense loads light everything up. Wadcutters may work well - especially if...
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      Ideas for Revolver grip

      Thanks to all for the ideas. I am going to look into a number of the options suggested. The last time I shot my S&W revolver, I was shooting SD rounds. I remember the discomfort from the exposed metal backstop. I would also benefit from a more cushioned grip. I'll see if C&M Rubber has an...
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      WTS: SOLD ****** COLT M4 CARBINE MODEL 6920.

      COLT M4 CARBINE MODEL LE6920. This is not the current model. It is an earlier model that was made by Colt. Equipped with Magpul furniture (stock, pistol grip, handguard, VFG and BU rear sight) in FDE. This carbine has a"LE" serial no. I puchased this carbine new in 2013 and have never fired it...
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      CZ P-01 9mm OMEGA - PURCHASED NEW AND NEVER FIRED. Comes with original case, manual, two magazines, cleaning kit, allen key, safety lever (I think) nd lock. Everything is as new. Sell to proper person in FTF in NWI with valid Indiana DL. No trades. $600. ***SOLD***
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      Ideas for Revolver grip

      I have a 38 Sp/357 revolver - S&W Frame. It currently sports boot grips that I want to change out for a full size grip. I am going to set it up for my wife to use as a HD handgun. Because of arthritis, I am looking to get a grip with cushioning. However, because of latex allergies, I can't...
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      Glock 49

      That sounds right. However, from what I've read, you will have G19 length dust covers not G17 length. That may affect mounting of WMLs.
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      Glock 49

      It looks like consumers want choice. The modularity of Dig's 320 platform is a huge draw. Considering how young that platform is, it has gained rapid acceptance. Military adoption is likely part of that attraction. I like the idea of the mix and match slides/frames. We are about due for a Gen...
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