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    1. Z

      Prayers please

      Praying for a full recovery.
    2. Z

      What High School Did You Go To?

      East Prairie, MO. 81
    3. Z

      A Black Knight is born…. (Pinstriper). Lots of pics!

      Now thats a piece of art.
    4. Z

      Retired today after 43 years

      Congratulations on your retirement and thanks so much for serving your country!
    5. Z

      Request for Prayers

      Praying for you all.
    6. Z

      Henry Vs. Rossi

      Henry all the way.
    7. Z

      Asking for prayers

      Praying for a complete healing and quick recovery.
    8. Z

      Best rifle for my unborn grandson?

      I bought my grandson a Henry Frontier .22 with the octagonal barrel. He will have to wait a couple more years to get it according to his momma.
    9. Z

      I just got some bad news.

      Prayers for you and your family.
    10. Z

      Retired yesterday

      Congratulations on your retirement. Best wishes on your new phase of life.
    11. Z


      I have a Henry Frontier .22 and a new 30-30 sidegate. They are 2 of my favorite firearms.
    12. Z

      If you are a praying type......

      Prayers for you and your family.
    13. Z

      My sister and her ideas....

      That's awesome. When my dad died my mom had some pillows made out of some of his favorite sweat shirts and gave them to the grandkids.
    14. Z

      9mm range recommendations

      I have a Beretta 92X. It holds 17 +1. It has an extra back strap for the grip to help fit your grip as well. It shoots great.
    15. Z

      Words of wisdom from the Ingo elders.

      A beggar is never a giver and a giver is never a beggar.
    16. Z

      What do you EDC? (aside from handgun)

      Leatherman Supertool Streamlight flashlight Smith&Wesson folding knife pocket screwdriver pocket sized extendable magnet CRS notepad
    17. Z

      Riley Hospital Concealed Carry

      Prayers for your grandson and your family.
    18. Z

      New job..

      I've been driving 60 miles a day for over 30 years. I can relate to the tole it takes on a person. Best of luck on the new job.
    19. Z

      'Bout time!

      Congratulations! I have twin 5 year old grand daughters and they are awesome.
    20. Z

      Norma Ammunition

      I've been shooting their 9mm in 115gr and 124 gr for target practice. I haven't had any issues with it.
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