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      Galveston- Down by the tracks- are they closed?

      Logan here too and never heard of them. Have heard about a place around Clymers but don’t know the name.
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      Hearing protection?

      I bought some when I started shooting skeet again. My muffs would hit my shotgun stock so I bought a pair of these. I tested the bluetooth to make sure it worked buy I always leave it off so I can’t help you there.They work pretty well as far as I’m concerned. Battery life seems to be as...
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      Lafayette gun show Februrary 11th and 12th

      I saw it but I didn’t even ask!
    4. D

      Orion Arms Now Kentuckiana Gun Store

      Does anyone know if they are open yet.? Always try to stop in when visiting family down that way.
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      Savage Renegauge question

      Has anyone tried shooting the Win AA 12 ga, 980 fps, 7/8 oz load through one of these? Considering purchasing a Renegauge but being able to cycle this ammo or something very close to it would be the only reason I could justify it.
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      Showing unavailable now.
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      well, that didn’t go as planned. Anyway, CCI website has cci sv right now.
    8. D

      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      This will have to do until I get more coffee in me.
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      I tried. Couldn’t get the link to copy right for some reason.
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      Midsouth has SK Long Range Match 22 now for $11.82
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      Midsouth has SK Rifle Match right now for $10.85 ea.
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