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    1. Gingerbeardman

      1866 Yellowboy Repros. Is Uberti the king?

      Uberti/Cimmaron are basically the same, if not exactly the same. My experience has shown they are with spending money on, especially in light of the cost of originals! I think their build quality and attention to detail are quite good. For lever gun action on YouTube, check out The Cinnabar.
    2. Gingerbeardman

      I need to pump my numbers up

      1. Not enough shotguns 2. Reminds me of that quote from Fear and Loathing about not needing that many drugs but once you get sucked into a large collection it's hard to stop!
    3. Gingerbeardman

      What do you use to paint your front sight?

      I got some glow in the dark paint once. I haven't checked lately to see if it still goes. It was green
    4. Gingerbeardman

      Opinions please... What would be a good long range rifle for targets shooting.

      Learn to shoot what you have as far out as you can be consistently accurate. Get the best scopes you can afford and keep them all in the same style of adjustment, probably MOA.
    5. Gingerbeardman

      Best varmit round for 2-300 yards

      I assume folks are advocating 55 grain for velocity, but I have a .223 bolt gun that I tested various storebought rounds in and the heavier the round the more accurate they were. However, IIRC this testing was done at 100 yards. A shooter could account for drop and thereby carry more speed to...
    6. Gingerbeardman

      Fall Creek Valley Conservation

      To resurrect a dead and buried thread without starting a new one... What's everyone's current opinion of the place?
    7. Gingerbeardman

      ATF Broke the Law and Stole Millions From Taxpayers.

      Sounds like the children needed more oversight. Yet another example of Washington resembling one of those 600 pound person TV shows-too big to function but can't stop eating!
    8. Gingerbeardman

      Young & Stupid

      Bro, if they try to press charges you can just drop the case against yourself.
    9. Gingerbeardman

      Found a drain pipe, now how do I fix it?

      I agree with slow hand, given the pressure some 100% silicone should work. Leave the drywall open and observe for a few days to verify. Having just fixed a few avoidable leaks myself, I feel your pain.
    10. Gingerbeardman

      From the back of the gun safe. The one I'm sure nobody else has.

      I had a 17L for steel challenge. I prefer the balance of the 34. Mine was a Gen 3, sold it to buy a p320... Flame away...
    11. Gingerbeardman

      Storing pistol in hardcase with no foam

      What is the best humidity range for a safe? I assume zero is best but what is considered too high?
    12. Gingerbeardman

      Tote of Holsters

      Finding the right holster that ticks all the boxes is a great feeling, but I, as well, have a box of holsters that don't work well enough or have just reproduced cuz I left them alone in the dark too long!
    13. Gingerbeardman

      2 Stamp firearm?

      I'm no expert but I believe they process relatively the same time, hopefully within a week of each other.
    14. Gingerbeardman

      IU Billing

      I've been making monthly payments to IU Health but just got a letter they're going to send me to collections, apparently 50 dollars a month isn't enough. I wasn't aware of a minimum payment requirement. I sincerely hope they do record the upcoming phone call for training purposes. I have the...
    15. Gingerbeardman

      LockSmith for an Auto Key Fob?

      On the equinox fancy key it was pretty basic, but they did program it, yes. Something about turning the ignition on and it recognized the new key or something.
    16. Gingerbeardman

      LockSmith for an Auto Key Fob?

      I'm not on the West side, but in Anderson the True Value hardware cuts keys and is the best and cheapest place to get fobs, maybe you have an Ace True Value that also cuts keys nearby.
    17. Gingerbeardman

      WTB: AR10 MLOK handguard

      So I broke out the trusty Dremel and modified my existing slotted handguard to work, but I'm still more or less in the market, so if you're in the Indy area and have something available I'd be willing to look at it. Thanks!
    18. Gingerbeardman

      Prodigy DS

      I only have a passing interest in this gun, but when you write a review, I read it! Well done as always.
    19. Gingerbeardman

      Rural Rage

      They gotta label us so the mush brained can focus their hatred on a made up genre. It's either part of a master plan or a case of misguided idiocy that now all the talking heads will repeat. If they say it enough it becomes truth, then the rural will rage against it, thus making the myth...
    20. Gingerbeardman

      WTB: AR10 MLOK handguard

      Ok, who's got an ar10 handguard lying around they don't need anymore? I'm not picky! Send anything available! Thanks!
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