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  • that's for the rep. I don't get why the major companies haven't told MA, NY, CT and MD to take a hike. Unless they think they can live off sales to police/military...
    You might want to google for "dare call it treason". It's another piece written by Edwin Vieira and presented as a series on Oathkeepers. He also has a book available through amazon - over 2,000 pages in e-format - detailing the Militias in the colonies and relating it forward. Vieira has done some pretty serious stuff, up to and including detailed preparation for Supreme Court cases.
    I just ordered another book by a guy named Vieira. This one includes a chapter or two about "good behavior" and how to enforce it among the Justices of the Supreme Court. Note that the Constitution says they hold office in good behavior. At my house saying that no means yes is bad behavior. If I can figure out how I intend to press that issue to the Supreme Court. Seems to me several of them need to be sent to their rooms. No telling how, or if, it'll work, but it's certainly worth a try.
    While I'm all in favor of keeping out rights I think it's critically important that we the people reassert our sovereignty. So many people have lost track of the fact that the Constitution itself - pre Bill of Rights - was a grant of limited authority from we the people to the Federal government. That's why I keep hammering on the notion that if it's not granted it isn't there. Just some thoughts - keep up the good fight!
    You and about three other people out here on INGO are humble enough to continue to learn, and yet smart enough to deserve to speak. Thanks always.
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