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  • I got an email notice of your post on INGO but it doesn't show up on INGO.
    Any way, I just did it like we used to a few decades back. I'm sure there will be changes in the future though.
    When you get a moment, please email me at scott@apextactical.com. I have a quick comment about your FSS install you posted and can't find an email address for you.

    Scott @ Apex
    roger that. Send me a PM on Thursday, perhaps we can coordinate a time to meet up on Friday afternoon...if it hasn't sold. Again.
    That .357 vs 44 might as well be the 9mm vs the 45 arguement an i love all 4 calibers. I just enjoy getting on which everone is the underdog at the time and trying to open peoples minds up. You made a pretty compelling arguement for the 44 though nicely done.
    Thanks for the rep and back up. Some of those guys apparently haven't read much about life in the old days.
    It was fun shooting with you today. It was crazy seeing you hit that steel target from about 50+yds with your M&P
    Hello, just joined here. Would really like to buy your .308 brass. Pleae call at 850 528 5090 so you can tell me how to arrange for payment. thanks!
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