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    • No problem, it was supposed to be so over the top it shouldnt have been taken so seriously.... oh well.

      I can relate my own instances. (BTW, call if you can tomorrow 804-833-6418) I leave lots of info out when writing.
      My son is now a LEO in S.C. and his experiences seem to paralell mine. I inform PD when stopped, opr just find myself in a group. I'm searching for Utah's law regarding ineractions with PD. It's a good read, but I can't find the link.
      I appreciate the offer and any relevant input on the subject. I'm trying to help teach our officers a better way to deal with armed citizens and, you are right, the post has gone WAY off topic. Thanks, Brett (EPD1102)
      They don't like authority figures. They are "the masters of their domain" and have issues with somebody telling them what to do. It seems to be common amongst gun owners. There are a few that have said they have no use for LEO's at all. Then again, this is the internet where warriors are born and live ;)
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