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    1. TheTank

      WTB: Looking for 30-30 ammo

      I have some .380 ammo I would like to trade for some 30-30 ammo. Thanks
    2. TheTank

      WTB: AR 15 buffer tube

      Looking for buffer tube :) Carbine length. Mil or Commercial, but sliding (4, 6, pretty open on that) Thanks
    3. TheTank

      WTB: Glock 23 mag for a Glock 21 mag

      Wanting to trade a Glock 23 magazine for a Glock 21 magazine.:ingo:
    4. TheTank

      WTB: Magpul moe plus AR grip

      Looking for a Magpul MOE Plus AR grip. Thanks
    5. TheTank

      WTB: HK 91/G3/cetme magazines

      Looking for HK 91/G3/CETME/C308 magazines.
    6. TheTank

      Copperhead Ridge Firearms in Avon

      Great shop in Avon on 267. They have a very good selection and the people there are SUPER nice and helpful! :yesway: :yesway:
    7. TheTank

      Threading a SAR-1 barrel

      Has anybody threaded a Romanian Sar-1 barrel here? Hoping someone has the tap set:cool:.
    8. TheTank

      WTB: Tapco AK Saw Pistol Grip

      Looking for a Tapco saw AK grip, or US Palm grip. Thanks
    9. TheTank

      WTB: AK47 for a Draco pistol with brace

      Looking to trade an AK47 rifle for a Draco with a brace. Thanks
    10. TheTank

      WTB: Mossberg/Remington pistol grip

      Mossberg pistol grip WTT/WTB Looking for a pistol grip for a Mossberg 500. Thanks
    11. TheTank


      Do you guys have any Draco pistols in? And if so, what is the price on one. Thanks
    12. TheTank

      WTB: Chinese Type 81 Chest Rig

      Looking for a Chinese type 81 chest rig. Thanks
    13. TheTank

      WTB: Wanting to trade for a SB47

      I am looking for a SB 47 that some one is willing to trade on. Can PM or email a list of what I have. Thanks
    14. TheTank


      Do you guys have any BCG in, and if so how much. Thanks
    15. TheTank

      WTB: BCG

      Looking for a BCG Location: West :whistle::patriot::ingo::cool:
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