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  • good to hear from you. yes it would be great to meet up again. maybe we can finally get a range trip in. I will keep in touch and try to figure something out.
    Just wanted to say hi. I was hoping everything was ok. I noticed you hadnt been on in a week.
    Sounds like a great plan. Trav, LotsofGlocks and I went two weeks ago (still pretty chilly) and LotsofGlocks and I were there just this past weekend again. As of now LotsofGlocks and I were planning on going back this coming weekend weather permitting. I know that is short notice, but let us know if you are free. If not this time then we will definetly have to set something up in the future.
    Very good to see you and John, also LotsofGlocks, too....I most certainly will do me bestest to get there for the lunch at Golden Corral.....always cool to be around people that aren't afraid to discuss firearms.....
    Heads up, men.....

    A cool and useful site, IF I linked it correctly....looked up the Utah instructors, and the recip for each state is up-dated often....gets great reviews from Maasad Ayoob in the current Combat Arms mag.
    sounds great. yes i have been to his site and i agree it is very interesting. i am really looking forward to meeting him as he comes very highly recommended.
    Will do , John82, I know I will be there, and possibly,likely, 1 other, so far....I too am looking forward to the class, and meeting some of the folks from the site....

    I don't live far from the Dupont Road addy, that the class in being held at, so for me it will be an easy find.

    I am sending my M/O tomorrow, since I wanted to be sure if it was OK to send it directly to his PO Box, and I just today saw his reply post concerning the question....BTW, have you visited his "Protection Group" site ? I did, interesting.
    hey sorry i was a little late getting back to you, but i see you found the class. looking forward to seeing you there. also pass it along to anyone you think may be interested, we have to get at least ten people signed up by feb. 6th. alot of people that were showing interest are now kind of backing out so all the help we can get to fill this up would be appreciated. thanks
    Sounds great! Glad to have you here. I will keep you posted about the UT class. Once we get it all finalized we have it posted here as well in the training and tactics forum, but I will send you a message as well.
    AAhhhhh, yes, she works at the Maysville Road location, at the Cracker-Barrel, though....This is a cool site, I am gonna have fun exploring here....
    Sorry it was at Golden Corral not Cracker Barrel. Over on Maysville Rd. It was nice to see such a good turnout. We are planning to do more in the future like a group shoot at the range and more meetups. Everybody had a great time putting faces with screen names.
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