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  • Brad, could you do me a favor and let CHris know that the three Ruger 10/22's are shipping today so I should have them by the end of this week or monday at the latest. If you could give him my email address ( sales@richards-guns.com ) and have him email me that would be appreciated. I take it you are enjoying your gun; did you see the posting of mine I put on here after I completed it? Still have not shot it yet as I can't shoot a rifle until I am released by the Dr. that the ICD is healed.

    I go into the hospital on Friday and should be out the same day but if there are problems I will be staying overnight so please call first on Sat to make sure. If not I will hold two for you till you and I can connect.

    Yeah, I will take 2 mags if you will hold them for me. I am over in the Castleton area a lot and could stop and pick them up, I will be over that way Saturday.
    Hi, Glad you liked it. I can order more but unless I order three at a time they would be $280 instead of the $270. Let me know if anyone is interested or give them my contact info. Right now they are a good deal with this one dist. I am using. Those 25 round smoke colored mags will be in Wednesday if you can't find any in the black color locally. I can sell two for $45 including mailing them to you.

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