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    Deer Season 2021

    The second rut seems to be happening around me. I have started seeing bucks move again. Had 2 bucks chasing does last weekend and 3 different bucks fighting on trail cams this morning. Still hope for those still with a buck tag.
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    Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure Users - What is your experience?

    I use the auto drum with TiteGroup and LilGun. The only thing that I had to get figured out was tightening the plastic powder drop. If you go too tight it won't return completely. If you go too loose, you lose some powder. I still do lose a little bit of TiteGroup, but like others said, it...
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    Bought back my childhood favorite.

    I just did something similar. Years ago I bought my uncle's dad's Model 60. My uncle and cousin were not into guns at the time. Since they have both gotten a few guns. I decided a couple years ago when his dad passed, I would give it to my uncle to have. His dad passed about a month ago and...
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    Looking for a coyote trapper near Parke county

    Look up INGO member, Possumpacker. He is from that area and is a trapper.
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    WTS: Veterans Day Sale

    5.56 sold out. Still plenty of 9mm on sale through Sunday.
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    WTS: Veterans Day Sale

    Thank you to all men and women who have, or are serving our country. Save 20% off all orders of 1000 pieces or more. Discount will be taken off the regular prices below. Sale ends Nov 14th. Here is a list of current inventory. Email or message me with your order. I will send an invoice...
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    Luck with Lansky?

    I used the Gatco version for years. Have 3 stones, coarse, medium, and fine. I had a lot of luck with this kit, but it time consuming. Last year I bought a Ken Onion Edition Work Sharp electric sharpener. I absolutely love it. I don't think I have used the Gatco since.
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    Best way to cook Venison Steaks

    I like to cut back straps about an inch thick. We will marinate them, wrap with bacon, and grill. As others said, medium rare is best. We also sometimes cut smaller pieces, wrap with bacon and jalepenos. One of my favorites is to cut them thin, bread them in cracker crumbs, and deep fry...
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    What meat processing equipment would you never give up?

    Before we sold the house, we were going to build a cooler to hang deer in. Our garage had a window AC unit in one corner. We were going to put up temporary walls and insulate. I have heard of people doing this. It would be most helpful in the warm season, but also help in the late season...
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    .44 Magnum or .350 Legend

    I'm in the same predicament. I have been looking for a 44 CVA Scout since last firearms season for my dad. One shop has had some ordered since last fall. My dad's 12 ga barrel blew out. He doesn't have a desire for another shotgun. I suggested the 44. I have one in the Handi-Rifle and love...
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    What meat processing equipment would you never give up?

    An electric winch in the garage for hoisting and hanging deer. Much easier than hand cranks or block and tackle. Other than that, I keep it simple. I have an Outdoor Edge processing kit. I use the skinner and caper knives for thier intended purposes and the skinner for deboning. I use the...
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    meat grinders

    We use a small Cabelas model. Its s combination of plastic and stainless. I dont know the HP but it does pretty good. We use it to do about 4-7 deer a year. It does pretty good with the course disc. The fine disc gets clogged. This grinder is at least 15 yrs old. Unless you plan on doing...
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