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    AR-15 and M-16 Show And Tell

    A few of mine. L to R... 300blk sbr (8.25") 556 sbr (10.5") 6.5 grendel sbr (11") 6.5 grendel (18") 2 308 bolt guns, just for fun 1 18" 223 Wylde, a 16" 300blk, 18" 308 AR 10, and a 20" 6.5 creedmoor AR 10, are not in the picture.
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    AR-15 Twist Rate information.

    IMI 77 grain from my 18" 223 Wylde 1/8 barrel, at 75 yds. 5 shots
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    Mossberg MVP 5.56 'Patrol'

    Well, yes, but understand, that this rifle is not a "precision" shooter. Wasn't meant to be. It is a small/medium game hunting rifle, a plinker, and potential self defense rifle. With the weight of the rounds the twist rate was designed for, it is completely acceptable. Even so, 2 moa out of a...
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    Mossberg MVP 5.56 'Patrol'

    I have an MVP Predator. Not exactly the same as the Patrol, but close enough. I love it. It is light, compact, shoots 5.56/.223 and really is a blast to shoot. Accuracy is what I expected, consistent 1 moa with an occasional spread to 1 1/2 or 2 moa at 100 yds. And of course that depends on the...
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    Woman With Guns IV

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    Woman With Guns IV

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    Woman With Guns IV

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    Woman With Guns IV

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    Woman With Guns IV

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    Suppressed AR-308

    Well,it's probably to late now, but to run an ar 10 suppressed, you really need an adjustable gas block. When I made mine, I knew it was going to be run, primarily, suppressed so I put an adjustable gas block on it. It runs perfect and the only "issue" that comes up is if I decide to run...
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    Need help with opinions on 9mm supressor

    I run an Obsidian 45 on my 45acp pistols. Swap out the piston and put on a 9mm endcap, it doubles as a 9mm can. Having a long and a short section can fine tune it to however you want to use it. It is an excellent can.
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    Suppressor Transfer Fees question.

    Well, all I can add to this conversation is that with the 7 suppressors I have purchased, I have never paid any more than the "standard" long gun transfer fee at any of the LGS I have used, normally $20 or $25, and if bought through Silencer Shop, which a few were, there was no transfer fee when...
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    Safety selector/trigger issue on 80 percent lower

    I had the same problem with one of my 80% lowers. It turned out my back trigger hole, the one that holds the bottom piece was cut just a bit to high, causing it not to drop out of the way when the trigger was cooked, so it was binding on the safety. As was said before, the safety will not work...
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    Archery question.....

    I know this is a gun board, but I have a friend who is interested in selling a 1972 Ben Pearson recurve excellant condition. Can anyone direct me to where I could find out what it might be worth and whereit can be sold? Thanks.
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    80% Lower S/N

    I'm pretty sure that is what I said. No serial number needed for your own, private use. If you sell it, etc, you must serial number it and YOU are the manufacturer on the 4473.
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