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    1. raptrbreth

      Civics lesson.

      125 of 133. Wish it showed which ones we missed.
    2. raptrbreth

      Just throw it into a funding bill....

      Same here, still waiting on his response.
    3. raptrbreth

      Indiana Senator Issues

      I think the biggest problem is that even minor transgressions to the 'norm' are magnified by the MSM and political opponents to make it seem like one has committed crimes against humanity. Even more so when you are not a part of the establishment. A person gets a ticket when they were 18 for...
    4. raptrbreth

      NRA Constitutional Carry Update

      So I was wrong the other day in stating that media only reference Bloomberg and Giffords. Nice to see media actually asking people who actually know what they are talking about instead of emotional critters.
    5. raptrbreth

      NRA Constitutional Carry Update

      For those in State Senate District 28, what follows is the response from Michael Crider on why he voted nay. " Aaron, Thank you for contacting me regarding my vote on the 2022 permit-less carry bill. I had hopes that the bill could have been amended to create a more efficient communications...
    6. raptrbreth

      Indiana Senator Issues

      Too lazy to look it up but can we start a write in campaign so that Bob can represent us?
    7. raptrbreth

      NRA Constitutional Carry Update

      Kind of rhetorical, do any of the media use statistics from a source not paid for by Bloomberg/Giffords?
    8. raptrbreth

      Gun Funnies: Funny Firearms Pictures

      Trigger by Spongebob.
    9. raptrbreth

      What Reps do we Primary out next election?

      My vote is to primary all of them, not just the ones who voted for this cluster.
    10. raptrbreth

      My Beloved Corps Is No Longer

      I have always been of the opinion that anyone who wants to be a bullet catcher should be able to join. Like most who stepped on those yellow foot prints I worry how letting people who can't seem to conform will be able to adapt to the Marine Corps. Will it hurt unit/fire team morale? Probably...
    11. raptrbreth

      Buy it for life, do it all .357?

      I miss the Ruger Security Six I traded away.
    12. raptrbreth

      H&K VP9 wherefore art thou?

      USDS in Greenwood seems to have them quite frequently when you are in the market.
    13. raptrbreth

      Sick, sad, and disgusting

      TLDR. While I agree that only one flag should ever fly at our embassies, religion should also never be used for the basis of any US policy. There are just as many (maybe more) geneticists, psychologists and psychiatrists who believe that ones preference is not a choice. If so, explain why...
    14. raptrbreth

      How to spend the pandemic stimulus check?

      SCAR, because uncle Joey wants me to have one.
    15. raptrbreth

      +2 Alpine Tactical

      I have recently gotten two pretty good deals from the site. A surefire 300x and a Trijicon RMR both at near dealer cost. Really quick shipping too.
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