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    1. RandyN2075

      +1 Security122

      Great person to do business with.
    2. RandyN2075

      +1 tradertator

      Very considerate. I misunderstood my purchase and he was considerate enough to allow me to back out.
    3. RandyN2075

      Considering Suppressor but??

      I've looked at the paperwork and it only poses more questions for me. I'm considering purchasing a .22 suppressor. My intent was to use it on multiple handguns such as a P22 and/or Ruger MkI. Questions: Am I applying to simply purchase the suppressor regardless of what gun I use it with? or...
    4. RandyN2075

      +1 ruger17hmr

    5. RandyN2075

      +1 44 MAGNUM SHOOTER

      Sorry, this is over a week overdue. Thanks!
    6. RandyN2075

      +1 E5RANGER375

      Good man...pleasure doing business
    7. RandyN2075

      +1 44 MAGNUM SHOOTER

      A real pleasure to do business with and I'm sure I will be doing more in the future.
    8. RandyN2075

      +1 for infantrylife

      Good person to do business with. Right on time for the meet (which I greatly appreciate). Thanks! :yesway:
    9. RandyN2075

      +1 44 Magnum Shooter

      Highly recommend. Conducted transaction via mail with no delays. Thanks!
    10. RandyN2075

      20ga 870 Express

      Not as concerned about looks as much...needs to function A1. If its in top shape and you want top dollar, I'm not your guy. Looking for a bargain...Thanks!
    11. RandyN2075

      +1 anewrnn

      I appreciate the drive made to close the deal. Good person to do business with.
    12. RandyN2075

      +1 for joshennis84

      Easy transaction and super nice person.
    13. RandyN2075

      +1 for United

      Easy transaction, nice person to deal with.
    14. RandyN2075

      Looking for Rabbits

      I'm not one to go knocking on Farmer's doors. I don't care for Atterbury and don't have a dog. Does anyone have a place they could recommend for rabbit hunting? I haven't hunted rabbit in over 20 years. I remember walking along my Grandfather's corn fields and fence lines growing up. Now, living...
    15. RandyN2075

      New myself

      Hello...I'm new myself...looks like a nice site with plenty of activity
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