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    1. pokersamurai

      To carry extra mags or not to carry extra mags?

      I’m firmly in the “always carry a reload” camp.
    2. pokersamurai

      Aero Precision Lowers

      I only use Aero uppers and lowers for builds anymore. The price to quality ratio is just about perfect IMO.
    3. pokersamurai

      WTS: C7 AR15 pistol (BHD/Blood Diamond)

      I built this pistol for a Black Hawk Down / Blood Diamond inspired build, but I’ve moved on to other things. The pistol is unfired. The upper was assembled by ADCO. The parts list is as follows: PSA EPT SBA3 pistol lower Vltor A5 recoil system C7 upper Andro Corp 10.3” “Crane Spec” barrel...
    4. pokersamurai

      WTS: Aimpoint T2

      Excellent condition T2. (Unity mount not included). Asking $625 FTF in LaPorte or $650 shipped. SOLD
    5. pokersamurai

      Talon grips - good or bad

      I’ve used them for 15 years with no issue. My favorite texture is the new “pro” texture they just came out with. It splits the difference between their granulate and rubber grips.
    6. pokersamurai

      What round to get next

      I’d vote for .45-70 Government… the only government you can rely on.
    7. pokersamurai

      WTS: Scalarworks/01 LEAP 1.57” Aimpoint Micro mount

      Like new Scalarworks LEAP 1.57” Aimpoint Micro mount. Mount has been removed from package and mounted once, no range time. Asking $110 shipped. SOLD
    8. pokersamurai

      WTS: Cloud Defensive REIN

      Cloud Defensive REIN. Takes 18650 batteries (one included). Also includes Arisaka mlok mount and original picatinny mount. Asking $250 shipped. SOLD
    9. pokersamurai

      Indiana Private Sale/Limit ?

      Don’t ask, don’t tell… that policy has to be good for something.
    10. pokersamurai

      New for 2022. P365 in .380 ACP

      I hope Sig actually releases it soon, they announced the P365 in .380 a year ago.
    11. pokersamurai

      WTS: NAA mini revolver SOLD

      North American Arms mini revolver chambered in .22lr. The revolver is in excellent shape and has been fired very little (less than 50 rounds). Asking $180 FTF in the LaPorte area. SOLD
    12. pokersamurai

      Gun Ownership Overseas

      By far. The funny thing is, the younger generation over there is obsessed with firearms, but since they can’t own any they buy airsoft. Some of the airsoft guns I saw over there had the same feel as the real things and they were just as expensive!
    13. pokersamurai

      Hospital carry

      Your story of the overzealous security guard reminds me of the time I went to a concert and had a security guard pat me down. He made sure to confiscate the sharpie that I was carrying in my pocket, but he totally missed the gun I had on my hip lol
    14. pokersamurai

      Gun Ownership Overseas

      I have friends from Japan and I’ve even been over there. They have extremely strict gun laws. Only 0.1% of the population owns a firearm.
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