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    Karen Gillan Trains for Film

    Watch out Halle Berry!
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    WTS: CZ 2075 Rami

    Selling my like-new CZ 2075 Rami. 10 and 14-round magazines, with original case and paperwork. Probably 150 rounds fired. $475. No trades. Love this pistol, I'm the original owner, but I got a Rami BD, and this one needs a new home. Located in NWI/Michiana. FTF Porter/LaPorte/St. Joe county...
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    224 Valkyrie - Opinion please

    So, I’m working on a 224 Valkyrie build on a lower I bought a couple years ago. The lower just needs a Magpul PRS stock and it will be complete. Some upgraded components, but not super-premium. I’d just about settled on getting a 24” White Oak Armaments upper. But PSA has a special on a 20”...
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    5th Annual NWI INGO/Winamac DNR Youth Day - Photos

    Photos from the 5th annual NWI INGO/Winamac DNR Youth Day.
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    Feeling Unwanted in Ohio

    Went to Columbus on business last week, and "No Guns" signs were all over the place. And of course, over there, signs carry the force of law. Many made a point to exclude LTCH holders. So I collected signs. (Not going wasn't an option. It was to attend a trade show at the convention center for...
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    Help me spend my gift card

    So... Over the holidays I got a $100 gift card to spend at Bass Pro Shop. Don't want to put it toward a firearm, as it will just disappear in their extra markup. It comes down to an Orion cooker, or stocking up on some extra ammo. If Bass will price-match Cabelas sale, the Orion could be had now...
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    Wallet stolen in Chicago

    My wife had her wallet stolen in Chcago today. I canceled her credit and debit cards, but not before someone ran several hundred dollars in charges, apparently for 30-day unlimited CTA passes. There was no checkbook or social security card, but she did lose her DL. Just in case, I also put a...
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    WTS: 30" Sanyo HDTV, Assembled in USA

    Selling a Sanyo 30" 720p HDTV, model HT30744. It's flat-screen, but not flat-panel, and must be one of the last tv's with a picture tube. Weights about 85 pounds. I may regret selling this, because it's never been a problem. The color is excellent. Has HDMI, component, and AV inputs, and analog...
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    Gun Turn-In Day Saturday 4/27 in Michigan City

    Gun Turn-in day at Michigan City PD Saturday 4/27
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    Zombies responsible for increased gun sales

    Increased gun sales are because Americans want to protect themselves from the undead
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    One of my very own

    Just became a first-time gun owner, although I've been shooting since I was a kid. Thanks to Perry pointing out a great deal, I picked up a Sig P2022 from PSA. A first for me and a first FFL...
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    New NWI member

    I've been lurking here a while, soaking up knowledge, and finally registered. (It was the Zombie Response Team group buy that got me in.) I'm not presently a gun owner, but I've been shooting off-and-on since I was a kid. My Houston brother-in-law was showing off his black rifle last year, and I...
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