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    • I'd probably sell a couple other ARs to just have one 'do all' like the ACR. It might also be wise to see if there are any startup quirks and issues that they have to work with. Used ones might be just the ticket. Once the newness wears off. !
      Thursday evening, today; OCT 22. SORRY! I realize now that I put yesterdays date on there. (where is that face palm emoticon at, I need it. lol)
      I'm going to the range tomorrow evening if you are interested! If you don't have my phone #, PM and I'll shoot it back. 615PM OCT 21! Be there! lol.
      I thought you had left me positive rep on a post of mine where I corrected someone. So, I am leaving the door open for my own stupidity to kick in some day by agreeing to your correcting me if that should ever pass. Perhaps your initial rep was a mistake? Either way, I was just trying to reply in a light-hearted manner.

      I am prone to try and joke around a lot. So, as far as I know you did me a favor, and I appreciate it. So, sincere thanks once again!
      Thanks! (When I make a typo/spelling error, I expect YOU to be there and catch me! :) )
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