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    Drying After Tumbling

    Spread out on the floor on a cheap Wal-Mart beach towel.
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    Reloading press for beginners

    Another vote for Dillon 550
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    Dillion vs Hornady

    Drink the blue Kool-aid they're worth the extra price!
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    Multi use powders

    For pistol I use Sport Pistol, 231, or Unique. They are all very versatile. For rifle I use CFE223, BL-C(2), or 335. Depending on bullet weights.
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Legion of Skanks The Doug Stanhope Podcast Skeptic Tank Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast Whiskey Ginger Part of the Problem 2 Bears 1 Cave Can't Get Right Time Suck The Boogie Monster You Know What Dude
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    WTS: Glock 29

    Like new Glock 29 round count is 13 Comes with grip force beavertail pearce grip extensions on the 2 factory 10 round mags 2 factory glock 20 15 round mags 50 rounds of American Eagle 88 rounds of Remington 20 rounds federal hydrashok 50 rounds freedom munitions 19 rounds buffalo bore Traded
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    + 1 to Anderson Rifles

    Ordered one of their free float tubes on Monday they shipped on Tuesday I got it today.
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