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    • New Salisbury live right down the road from me! Im in Depauw. Nice to see a someone else from my neck of the woods!
      I would say then, we probably know of each other. My Name is Jason. Didn't get the JBob nickname until well after I graduated. PM me if ya want And we can figure out if we know one another
      Graduated From NHHS in 1995. New Salisbury....Exactly where My Mom and Grandparents live.
      Where you from in Harrison County? I grew up there and most of my family still lives there.
      Let me see here!!

      From Left to Right Back Row
      Ruger 10/22
      RRA Entry Tactical (SOLD)
      DPMS Mini SASS
      Savage 10FP 308 with Choate Stock
      Benilla Super Nova Tactical
      Springfield Socom 16
      Mossberg 500
      Mossberg 505
      Marlin 1894 .44 (SOLD)

      Bottom Roll
      Taurus 24/7
      Colt Defender 45
      Taurus 1911 (GREAT GUN)
      TC Encore with a 460 Barrell (SOLD)
      M1 Carbine

      Not Pictured need to update!!!
      M1 Garand
      Colt M4
      Winchester 1912 16ga
      Remington 1100 12 ga
      Conoon .357mag Auto (GREAT GUN)
      Colt Pony 380

      I think these is it until I sell my FNAR!
      care to give us a run down of the guns in your avatar?? I can make out a few but just curoius as to what I'm lookin at!
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