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    • Thanks man.......just trying to lighten that thread up a little bit........
      I get where your coming from. I like a lot of the structure that Catholicism brings. Its very family and "local" community oriented. I don't like how clickish it is, but thats main stream religion for you though. It kills me how Christians do more damage to Jesus' name than any other group. I prefer following the words in Red and the rest is just gravy :D
      Clear, I was raised Catholic, Alter server and all. I just never understood all the strictness. Jesus' message was simple. My two biggest issues with Christians who aren't grounded in their knowledge (not saying you, just in general)

      Sin and Hell have nothing to do with each other. You don't go to Hell because of sin...period. We are born into sin, and we die full of sin. Once we accept Jesus, he owns our sin. Jesus is the key to God, not sin.

      I need no man between me and God, period. God wants a person relationship with us. Not a middle man. However I do understand the importance in confessing sin, but that is between me, God, and the one who I sinned against.

      I'm not one of those Catholic haters by any means, I just had a hard time going spiritually in the Catholic Church. Most of my family still attends OLL on the East side of Indy.

      God Bless,
      Thanks for the rep!, I tried to hit you back for your post but I've given out to much today, I'll get you later
      I go with some JKs fairly often, What do you wheel? Typically Ayyica but they are hitting Redbird this weekend and have some other trips planned. is some locals I am gonna try and meet next month
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