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    1. LongRangeBushy

      What Holster Are You Using?

      I use g-code incog holsters. G43 with a sidecar mag holder and a g19 incog. Both Aiwb. Carried them for about 10 years very adjustable.
    2. LongRangeBushy

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      It’s hot out - I thought I would post a view from my living room.
    3. LongRangeBushy

      MSA Sordin problem

      Can you be specific about your problem? Some of the Sordins have a different battery configuration. Mine quit working and i had one of the batteries in backwards... i hadn't changed the batteries in so long i forgot what the polarity was... Just a thought .
    4. LongRangeBushy

      Gladiator Workbench for Reloading?

      I have two Seville heavy duty. 2000 rated tables very solid. @$239 ea.
    5. LongRangeBushy


      Flea and tick collar for sure. It’s the season….
    6. LongRangeBushy

      Why Would They Put Low Profile Tires And Wheels On Trucks?

      I had a truck once with the low profile tires and sidewalls ... First time the wife hit a curb it was bye bye to the expensive rim... The bigger sidewalls saved my new truck from her,....
    7. LongRangeBushy

      Savage model 12 F T/R

      I bought mine to shoot 400 yard benchrest Varmint matches.. when I do my part it will shoot …..
    8. LongRangeBushy

      Savage model 12 F T/R

      My 12 F Tr is in 223.. can’t help.. However I agree on the best shooting gun.
    9. LongRangeBushy

      Best place to buy field tile?

      I have had several clay field tiles replaced with plastic field tiles and that tractor was all that was needed..
    10. LongRangeBushy

      Whirlpool tubs. Yay or nay?

      We bought a 20 year old house with a jacuzzi tub in it.. Everytime wife tried to use it brown water that didn’t drain properly from use before filled the tub. Then it sprang a leak from one of the pipes and stained the ceiling below it.. We decided to tear it out and replace it with the same...
    11. LongRangeBushy


      Had one in my front yard this morning about 7:30 but i couldn't get a good shot at him... been seeing them a lot this time of morning for a couple of weeks now,
    12. LongRangeBushy

      Measuring rear sights….

      Ok I’m older with bad eyes. However I change lots of sights as a Glock armorer… my question is what’s the best practices or tools to use to center the sights… I use calipers but it’s measure Re measure measure and it doesn’t always feel accurate depending on the slides …..or is there a better...
    13. LongRangeBushy

      Breaking News... Remington suit

      They sued for supposedly marketing weapons of war to children in games and stuff…
    14. LongRangeBushy

      Securing suppressed pistol by bedside
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