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    1. Kernal1984

      WTB: Henry mini-bolt

      Looking for one for my 6 year old boy, trying to find one locally before ordering online.
    2. Kernal1984

      Starting a food plot, any advice?

      I started 3 plots with these guys stuff and going by the recommendations from their soil tests last year and they all did great. My clover I planted should be good for at least 5 years and up to 8 with proper care. The link is a soil test that is...
    3. Kernal1984

      Best place to buy field tile?

      I’ll second the ride on trencher or even a walk behind, you could have the trenching done in a couple hours and use your tractor for the rest. I borrow a kubota backhoe(actual 50hp backhoe not the tractor with a backhoe attachment)from a family member regularly for small jobs but any kind of...
    4. Kernal1984

      WTB: 500/1000gal propane tank

      Looking for a 500/1000 gallon propane tank for my barn/house. Must have a data tag and will need a bill of sale so I can have it filled, have cash in hand or willing to trade for boom sticks. Finders fee if you can point me towards a successful transaction as well. Thanks FOUND ONE
    5. Kernal1984

      WTS: R700 300WM Leupold

      Remington 700 American wilderness rifle, factory Bell and Carlson stock, stainless action/barrel, 5r rifling, adjustable factory trigger, factory black cerakote(small blemish close to muzzle from having barrel threaded), EGW 0 MOA rail, Seekins precision rings, Leupold VX5-HD CDS-ZL2(illuminated...
    6. Kernal1984

      HELP WANTED (Need work done? Post here)

      Looking for a plumber to do a rough in for a pole barn house in Scott County. Seems plumbers are like hens teeth right now, lol.
    7. Kernal1984

      Deer Season 2021

      Walked right up to my stand and gave a 15 yard broadside shot. I was staring at a doe about 90 yds off watching her feed and just caught him out of the corner of my eye. I’m not a horn hunter but the last two years I’ve been blessed with bruins on opening day.
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