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    1. K

      Woohoo! Cheney is getting her butt kicked.

      Last night, ABC News had a nice, heart-warming story about some "volunteers" that drove 17 hours (with their dog) to Wyoming to campaign on Ms. Cheney's behalf. I am flabbergasted that this is the state of the political war in our country. People from one state traveling to other states...
    2. K

      It's the economy, stupid

      We ain't seen nothin' yet!
    3. K

      Any Updates on Ruger Wranglers??

      My stiff loading gate issue smoothed out and eased up with time. The only negative I put on this gun is the narrow front sight blade that can be tough to see with my aging eyes in lower light.
    4. K

      Suggestions for mis-feeding CMMG MKG 45acp?

      I've been down that road too. I was cleaning after every test session even if it was only 100 rounds. I was cleaning the magazines too. I even tried lubricating the internals of the mags with graphite. Since the rework of the barrel extension my misfeeds have dropped dramatically. They have...
    5. K

      Suggestions for mis-feeding CMMG MKG 45acp?

      Sorry A63 buggy, I've got nothing for you. In all my looking yours is the first I have seen described with that kind of problem. I hope you are looking/posting in other forums as well (arfcom and the like). Best of luck to you working with CMMG (seriously, I mean it).
    6. K

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes - 2022

      I should have posted this in purple. :rolleyes:
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