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    1. JTClark

      Drunk driving checkpoint

      Just don't drink and drive.
    2. JTClark

      OK plumbers, here's one for you...

      1. Toilet is running on hot water. Flush if a couple or three times. Then put the top off the tank and feel the water to see if it is warming up. If so, there is your problem. 2. If you have hard water or owl water lines the warm water lines will lime up first reducing the flow. Reduce the ID...
    3. JTClark

      What would you take?

      Sports record books, History of the NY stock exchange. Aspirin and copies of patents. All the gold and silver I could gather. Property record books. Apprentice handbooks for millwrights, carpenter, electrician. A history of the rail roads. A history of treasure finds on land and sea. A political...
    4. JTClark

      What would you take?

      Gold and alcohol
    5. JTClark


      Live trap, some lettuce or cabbage, and a mouse trap will wipe them out completely.
    6. JTClark

      Student loan 'Forgiveness",Too little to help anyone, just enough to make everyone angry

      I saw on TV today they are installing these Narcan vending machines on college campus as well so the useless leeches can live to leech another day. They will need with that 10 grand in free drug money falling in their laps. Of course it is FREE, meaning paid for with money stolen from YOU...
    7. JTClark

      Feral cat relocation

      Coyotes gotta eat, same as chinese.
    8. JTClark

      Student loan 'Forgiveness",Too little to help anyone, just enough to make everyone angry

      Just ban ALL government involvement in education of any kind. If you want your kids educated, YOU PAY THE BILL. You want them to ride the bus, YOU PAY IT. I pay the little monsters education for 12 years and then have to pay their college and food and board in prison any way. End all government...
    9. JTClark

      SWAT called for Grafitti

      He thought it was Brett Cavanaugh's sidewalk.
    10. JTClark

      Brian Stelter Gone From CNN

      Flush it again before he tries to climb out.
    11. JTClark

      All things bushcrafting

      Advoko Makes on Youtube.
    12. JTClark

      This is why you don’t mess with country people

      That kid is bad ass.
    13. JTClark

      Let’s talk chainsaws

      I used to have 3-4 chains for the first and only saw I had at the time. By the time I half wore out that little Efco I got it stuck in a tree to the point I had to take the saw off the bar and come back with another saw to get it out. Right around there I learned the real value of owning two...
    14. JTClark

      Let’s talk chainsaws

      For myself, I only use files. I couldn't find the U tube I really wanted but this guy isn't bad. Get your self one of these. Chaps, steel shoes, wedges, hammer and that little vise. 5 gallon bucket to put it all in. A foot of so of pcv pipe and two caps to store all your files in, pencil tape...
    15. JTClark

      Opinions needed - What would you do?

      If you stop going, people will just assume you were banned or kicked out.
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