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    • ho ho ho.....feet up on the recliner watching the snow all the parts for my second ar lower but can't find an complete upper anywhere....maybe when things settle down.......
      bike is covered up on garage right now...but may in January look for a warm day to run south for a long ride...
      I knew I recognized the picture LOL...looks just like ya
      too too funny...such a small world. I guess the next question is "when are we going shooting???"
      Holy Crap - aren't you supposed to be in a mall somewhere.. B^) How are you Tom.! Think of you often and shared our little history these past weeks. Hope you are well..Merry Christmas, SantaClaus.
      Also: If that's your Schmidt-Rubin that you have pictured over yonder to the right... That's a fantastic rifle!
      Hi, I presume that the PM that you sent me was in reference to the SKS that I'm trying to sell here in INGO. As you may or may not be aware, there's a 50 post minimum for participating in the classifieds. I signed up on INGO pledging to abide by the rules set forth. Therefore, I cannot, at this time, set up a transaction with you. Thank you for understanding. Please know there aren't any hard feelings on this end.
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