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    1. jkfletcher

      Would you date a midget stripper?

      I dated a midget once. I was nuts over her.
    2. jkfletcher

      Colts 2021 Nunc Coepi

      Someone should tell Frank to give the ball to Taylor, drink a beer, and go home.
    3. jkfletcher

      Recommend a Chrysler Dealer

      O'Brien on 96th St has done good work on my Charger.
    4. jkfletcher

      Mandated vaccines or weekly testing for employers of 100+ people.......

      This is good news. But what good is this if the Dems have already shown they don't care about court rulings, and have already said they're going to enforce it even if the USCC blocks the mandate? Hopeful, but skeptical. Thanks, Ogovernment
    5. jkfletcher

      Your First World Problems

      New one this week. Screen went out on the "infotainment system" in my Charger Tuesday. Dealers won't call me back, so off to order one online. Only 2 places carry these online apparently, and they have a 3 week backorder, to the cost of $1600. So I can still listen to the radio, but I can't...
    6. jkfletcher

      Anyone Invested in crypto?

      Figures that as soon as I buy into the SHIB it just kind of hangs around the same price area. Babydoge has gotten me about a 25% gain since I finally figured out how to buy it this morning though.
    7. jkfletcher

      Doing your own repairs

      I'd rather fix my own, but I know when not being aggravated is worth more to me than the money I could save.
    8. jkfletcher

      Springfield Armory Ronin.....

      If anyone is still looking, Point Blank in Carmel has a couple of these as of about 7:30 this evening. Full size in .45 and Commander size in 9mm. They had a Commander size in .45 until I saw it...
    9. jkfletcher

      Mandated vaccines or weekly testing for employers of 100+ people.......

      My place of employment is definately over 100 employees, but I have yet to hear anything about this there. I'm kind of surprised.
    10. jkfletcher

      Your First World Problems

      Currently its restaurants and haircut places making me wait long enough that I give up and leave because they're handling the online orders and people who "check in" online first. You have/had a paying customer directly in front of you, if the other people didn't show up first that isn't my...
    11. jkfletcher

      Pence strongly favored over Desantis for 2024

      Dems rig election for Pence. Dems say...see, not rigged, Republican won.
    12. jkfletcher

      Sit-rep in your area?

      Yeah, that Meijer has gotten bad. We had been looking for some of our usual stuff there for a few weeks with no luck on a restock. Finally hit Target on Michigan Rd today after work and got everything we'd been waiting for and then some...
    13. jkfletcher

      Unmarked LEO vehicles and traffic stops

      Instead of "buffs", I always heard them called "whackers".
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