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  • Jeffrey
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    • I'd love to get into "my" new pistol but we are around the grandkids tonight. Tomorrow night, in the motel room in Ft. Wayne, when the lights are real low I'll take the 23 apart and take a good look. The nice thing about most quality pistols, especially Glocks, is that a round count into the thousands is just a good break in. As far as I'm concerned buying a gun with several hundred rounds through it means that somebody else spent the money to break it in. ;)
      I am by no means i biologist. Didn't mean for that to come off crappy sorry if it did. Thanks for the rep. Nice 'yotes in the pic. Do you 'yote hunt often?
      I worked the Pike Plaza Galyan's '89 (when it opened) to '91 (mostly second job during summers). I helped out at the Greenwood store several times in between that time.
      ty for the rep jeffrey...I try to keep nice stuff...not into nice to chat withy ou here again!
      Thanks for the rep! I used to fly 2 cycle trainer and sport planes. I still have then hanging up in my basement. Graduate school and guns took me away from it. I came to the realization that if I could spent $500 on a new plane or a new gun I'd pick the gun every time, so I bailed.
      thanks for the rep. yes it is a 1894 .44 mag. 2nd buck with it nether one went farther than 40 yards!
      Thanks for the rep, sir.
      And I'm the same way. I'm just as happy on a hunt when my dad gets one instead of myself. Still puts meat on the table either way!
      Thanks for the rep! This was my first deer with the rage two blades, double lung and she didnt go 10 yards!
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