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    1. J

      Precision Pistol

      EEL RIVER GUN Club, located in Northwest Allen County between Churubusco and LaOtto hosts a Precision Pistol league Thursday evenings for .22lr and centerline pistol. Cost is $5 per gun. The league is indoors from mid September through mid May and outdoors from mid May through mid September...
    2. J

      Rust bluing

      Google brownells rust bluing pdf and you can download very good instructins
    3. J

      HEA 1296 Signed, Gov Holcomb Now on the Pro-2A Bandwagon?

      The only bandwagon Holcomb is on is the Holcomb bandwagon.
    4. J

      Opinions on per-fit barrels

      Pre threaded, contoured barrels for bolt action rifles occasionally come short chambered, but usually are not. The threads almost always mate well but occasionally need touched up in a lathe by single point thread cutting. Clambering needs to be done on a properly equipped lathe for best...
    5. J

      Concerning Full Auto Guns

      Be aware that there was only 1 yes 1 instance of a legally owned registered full auto firearm used in a crime from 1934 when the NFA was enacted to 1986 when full auto firearm manufacture for civilians was outlawed. Also, the person who committed the crime was an undercover cop who murdered a...
    6. J

      Constitutional Carry signed by the Guv.

      It was Holcomb, guns and gadgets was unsure and said so.
    7. J

      I want to build a 10/22 Clone - Suggestions?

      I have a Brownells and really like it. The integral picatinny rail is great!
    8. J

      Remington .722 with a .244 barrel and just for fun an 1873 Springfield

      Nice rifle! The 6mm Remington cartridge has a heavier bullet than the twist in the .244 can stabilize in most factory loadings. A little internet research on the. 244 should get you the info of what bullet weight you need to look for in 6mm Remington. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your...
    9. J

      2022 Legislative Session Thread

      After last year's events there was much talk of voting Bray and Brown out. I do not live in either's district and thus cannot do so. Once again Brown has shown no regard for a constitutional right and many are saying "vote her out", but the deadline for the primary is long past. If there is to...
    10. J

      .308 M1 Garands

      "The CMP puts the mag blocks in which will eliminate the misfeed problems of ones that do not have them. " .308 M1 Garands feed fine without the block. The sole purpose of the block is to prevent inserting a clip of .30-06 which can cause a very bad stuck live round in chamber problem.
    11. J

      .308 M1 Garands

      Lube with rifle grease, not oil. Shoot military equivalent ammo, with bullet weight 175 gr or less. Enjoy!!!
    12. J

      Looking for NRA Training Counselor around Indianapolis

      Call the NRA education and training division.
    13. J

      Where to start with a home business gun store?

      The first hurdle is local zoning laws. Make sure the local zoning does not prohibit the business you are starting. On the federal firearm license application one question specifically asks if your business complies with zoning ordnances for the property.
    14. J

      AR 15 mag catch not seating Pmags

      If the Pmags won't lock in with the upper removed it is a mag catch out of spec issue.
    15. J

      Sheild 9mm 2.0 Holster

      Desantis Speed Scabbard OWB works well for me
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