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    • Grizman, Thanks for the comment. I always try to keep in mind that I'm probably the oldest participant in any conversation. I'm glad to know there are a few other old farts still out here.
      yep. thats why they dont "issue" the Ranger tab my brother. every cry baby puss in the world would have one if they did .... like something shinny they issue??? lol.
      I dont have a problem with all the cops here, but some are cry babies for sure and could care less about our rights. thats the ones that worry me. the good ones I would stand next too in a heartbeat and take a bullet for.

      Glad to see you back, I hope all is going good for you my Ranger Brother!
      hey don, thanks a lot for the support. i appreciate you (and everyone else) trying to help out. I tend to be something of a control freak (though maybe that's a bit strong). This feeling of utter helplessness is a new struggle for me.
      So really, If you think about it. You saved 2 little girls that day. If you didn't save the mother that day the child would never be born. Isn't it a great feeling?
      no problem. You get # 24 on your sleeve yet? Head down. powder dry. shoot straight and come home safe.
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