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    1. GodFearinGunTotin

      USC and UCLA moving to Big 10…16…

      I’m an SEC fan. I can’t see ND joining the SEC. But stranger things have happened.
    2. GodFearinGunTotin


      I should set up a retirement home for all of those retired 1911’s…
    3. GodFearinGunTotin

      Leaked/breaking:Roe v. Wade expected to be overturned

      Why buy the cow when she’ll give the milk away for free?
    4. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

      I’m sure there’s a benign, innocent reason for this…
    5. GodFearinGunTotin

      Gas prices

      That ought to fix it…
    6. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

      GFGT, why do you keep posting this stuff? Winter’s coming. Even if there a red wave in November, remember, republicans were all over masking and vaccines too. Assuming cases will follow the typical Hope Simpson curve (as they always do) this fall/winter, do you really think these failed...
    7. GodFearinGunTotin

      Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks “2022 is the year we question the sustainability of the all-volunteer force.”

      If you wanted to destroy America, would you be doing much different than what we’re seeing happen to so many institutions, our economy?
    8. GodFearinGunTotin

      Happy Constitutional Carry Day Indiana!

      I heard some booming earlier this afternoon and thought: “there’s the Wild West shoot outs they warned us about”. Turned out, it was just thunder. I’m glad to have the rain but kinda sad at the same time.
    9. GodFearinGunTotin

      June gun sales up 8% from last year
    10. GodFearinGunTotin

      Supreme Court West Virginia V. EPA could end Alphabet Soup Agencies!

      That’s what they do. And to give them some credit—they’re pretty good at it.
    11. GodFearinGunTotin

      USC and UCLA moving to Big 10…16…
    12. GodFearinGunTotin

      I'm going to miss hamburgers

      You sound like my brother. :)
    13. GodFearinGunTotin

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)
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