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    • Not a problem. Would hate to see you caught in the blast.
      Have to let some things slide, you can watch others get burned.
      You could always edit the post. But I don't think it was bad. Just thought it might get worse.
      Careful on the thread where a new guy is ripping on cptnervous. A mod has spoken. You don't want to be in the fallout. I enjoy your posts too much.
      Thanks for the rep.... do you remember what it was for??
      The thread has apparently been vanished.... was it something I said?! :D
      Thanks for the rep! You have a BF with a good head on his shoulders. The only problem with selling is that, like many of life's gambles, you are a genius if it works and an idiot if it doesn't never mind that either outcome could follow the same reasoning under the same circumstances. You never know, they might just ram a ban through making the merchandise not readily replaceable.
      Thank you once again! You know how it is. A broken clock is right twice a day, so I figure I should aim at least that high! :):
      Thanks for the rep! I don't know what has been happening here lately, but it seems like someone forgot to lock the door on the psych unit--people who don't understand the importance of the last option that will be available to us, people who don't understand the difference between rights an privileges and want .gov mandated training to own guns--on INGO.
      Part II: Time for me to go. Have a good night. I have a friend having a surprise B-day party on Saturday and the mutual friend organizing it has already made a suggestion for me to bring a couple of my pies for dinner, so I have to go pick up some groceries tonight. Have a good night!
      I would agree, but would add that sometimes I think some of these people base their positions of less than stable foundations and got with what makes their tummies feel good rather than logic. There are some things I truly detest that I would oppose being illegal simply because it is none of the government's or anyone else's business.
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