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    • First meeting of the Fort Wayne Area Gun Culture

      Friday, September 3, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
      Don Halls Guest House
      1313 West Washington Center Road
      Fort Wayne, IN 46825
      In the Parlor just off the main dining area

      A group of gun owners/enthusiasts in the Fort Wayne area are planning to have a meeting, meal and presentation. Our hope is to attract some like minded folks to attend this meeting and enjoy each other’s company as well as to learn a little more about ACT (Adaptive Consulting and Training), a group that specializes in training people like us in the use of firearms for self defense and hobby shooting. We are pleased to have Aron Bright join us.

      We will open with a prayer, followed by each of us ordering our meals. We plan to have the meals delivered to us at approximately 6:40 pm. Hall’s will add their gratuity to each of our checks. I’m going to ask each of you to chip in $2 to help defray the cost of the screen rental and Aron’s meal.

      Please peruse the attached menu and let me know what you would like. I’m going to do a block order when I arrive. If we can get 15 people there, I will not have to pay $50 for the room. Let’s see if we can do it.

      After Aron’s presentation, we can socialize a bit before we go home. If you OC or CC, please feel free to do so that night. If you do neither, that is ok too.

      Please RSVP to so that I can get an accurate meal count for Hall’s.

      Aron Bright - Competition Programs

      Aron Bright

      Competition Programs

      Aron’s foray into USPSA competition began with club level matches in 2003. Aron’s competitive career started in the Production division, but it quickly shifted to the Limited 10 division. The 2005 Indiana State Championship marked his the first major match. That match piqued his interest and desire for more major match competition, which has led to shooting matches in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Kansas and Pennsylvania.
      Aron has placed in the top four in Illinois and Kentucky state championships, and was the Indiana Champion in 2007, all in the Limited 10 division. Aron has currently earned a B classification in the Limited 10 division. 2008 brought another change of divisions. This time to the deeper water of the Limited division, and a classification of A was earned in April.
      Aron is also a Range Officer for USPSA. In addition to his club level service he has performed Range Officer duties at the last three Indiana State Championships and the 2008 Area 5 Championship. Aron has also designed many stages and assisted in directing matches at Wabash Valley Practical Pistol Shooters events in Riley, Indiana for the last three years. Aron has been assistant match director and stage designer for the last two Indiana State Championships. Aron also serves as match director for the steel match at the Riley Conservation Club, where he doubles as Vice-President of the club. Aron has also had several articles published in Frontsight magazine regarding the Indiana State Championship.
      Aron teaches US History at the high school level, and has coached football and wrestling. Competition and teaching are things that have been on his resume in one form or another since 1992. So take a competition class and allow Aron to shorten your learning curve and introduce you to the sport, and help you move up on the results page.
      Contact Aron at
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