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    1. EOD Guy

      +1 Denny347

      Haha! Maybe he was thinking that even a dingleberry needs love too!
    2. EOD Guy

      +1 Denny347

      Just completed a smooth deal with @Denny347, good communication, sent additional pictures, rifles was as described. Another great INGO member.
    3. EOD Guy

      1830’s-1840’s Era Transitional Bar Hammer Revolver Boxed Set

      Bump with a new price for a rare set of early revolvers, now $1000.
    4. EOD Guy

      WTS: 1897 Winchester Takedown

      A few more pictures…
    5. EOD Guy

      WTS: 1897 Winchester Takedown

      TRADED, Thanks INGO! 1897 Winchester takedown, 16 Gauge, 28” barrel, serial number dates to 1903 and both halves match. Has normal handling marks a 120 year old shotgun will have. Everything functions as it should and slam fires if that’s your thing…everyone should do it at least once in their...
    6. EOD Guy

      WTS/WTT: Japanese Type 44

      Sunday Bump!
    7. EOD Guy

      WTS/WTT: Japanese Type 44

      For sale is an uncommon Japanese Type 44 Cavalry Carbine. Bolt matches, no mum, solid stock and bayonet locks up tight in the deployed/stored position. I’ve shot this rifle and works as it should. This rifle has the “been there, done that” look as it’s seen half of China. Looking to get $800 /...
    8. EOD Guy

      Walther PPS

      Bump as I found another magazine, back strap and original case. Still $350 [emoji1303]
    9. EOD Guy

      Walther PPS

      Sold…Facebook of all places! Haha, Take that Zuckerberg! For your consideration, a gently used Walther PPS, 9mm, 4 magazines (two 8 round, one 7 round and one 6 round), Fobus holster, additional back strap and original case. Single stack design makes for great conceal carry and is a very...
    10. EOD Guy

      +1 for KokomoDave

      Completed a deal with KokomoDave, great communication, easy to deal with and a man of his word. Would do business with him again.
    11. EOD Guy

      WTS: Hy Hunter Frontier Six Shooter

      Sold Hy Hunter Frontier Six Shooter in 22 magnum, single action only, made in West Germany. Functions great but has some finish blemished due to improper storage. Fun shooter for $150, some elbow grease and a rattle can and it should look great. Selling for a friend, can meet anywhere between...
    12. EOD Guy

      +1 Slow Hand

      Recently completed a deal with Slow Hand. Fair price, good communicator and was understanding when I got caught up with work minutes before we met, great guy. Would do business with him again.
    13. EOD Guy

      WTS: Lee Enfield No 5 Jungle Carbine

      Is this rifle still available? I messaged a few times without a response.
    14. EOD Guy

      Add a Curio and Relics Section?

      Figure two years later I would bump this to the top and see if this idea is worth INGO efforts to make it happen. Just my 2 cents but a C&R section would better categorize and focus member discussions and trader section. Thanks for giving this idea your time. [emoji1303]
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