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    1. EOD Guy

      WTT: WTT: AN/PEQ-2A

    2. EOD Guy

      WTS: EIG Colt 1851 Navy Replica .36 Cal

      EIG Colt 1851 Navy Replica .36 Cal, works as it should with a few blemishes, no extras. Meet near Indy airport or N/W side of Indy (Michigan Rd/465). $175
    3. EOD Guy

      WTT: WTT: AN/PEQ-2A

      If you’re reading this far, you’re probably interested, let’s make a deal. [emoji1303]
    4. EOD Guy

      WTS: 1830’s-1840’s Era Transitional Bar Hammer Revolver Boxed Set

      Deep price cut! The widow wants to move these. Now $2,500 shipped and insured for a rare set of transitional revolvers.
    5. EOD Guy

      How to convert current NFA items into a Trust?

      I believe Scuba is correct. Transferring from you into a trust is transferring the “ownership”, costing you $200 per item. You can always keep them as-is and place any new items on the trust. If anything happens to you, any items in your name is allowed to pass to an estate heir tax free. Just...
    6. EOD Guy

      WTT: WTT: AN/PEQ-2A

      Looking to trade my AN/PEQ-2A. If you’re interested, I’m a Japanese collector but like many other milsurp items. Top trade ideas can be +/-: Nagoya Type 99 long rifle, complete early Nagoya or Kokura Type 99 rifles, Type 44 with second type bayonet housing, Type 97/99 sniper rifles with/without...
    7. EOD Guy

      WTB: Japanese Type 38 with Cupped Buttplate

      Looking for a Type 38 with a cupped buttplate. If you have one or a stock for one, send me a message. Prefer it not sanded but beggars can’t be choosers. Thanks.
    8. EOD Guy

      WTS: 1830’s-1840’s Era Transitional Bar Hammer Revolver Boxed Set

      For your consideration is a very rare boxed set of transitional bar hammer revolvers. Maker is unknown, barrel and cylinder proofs are consistent with 1830-1840 era Birmingham England. No serial numbers, only writing is “Improved Revolver” on top of the barrel. I believe these are .44 caliber...
    9. EOD Guy

      Boxed Set of Transitional Bar Hammer Revolvers

      Thanks. I contacted these guys a while back and they were not able to provide any additional information. I had a local buyer but he recently backed out. I’ll probably put them up on Tuco’s trader on Gunboards along with the INGO classified section soon if another local guy isn’t interested. I’d...
    10. EOD Guy

      Boxed Set of Transitional Bar Hammer Revolvers

      They are pretty cool and doubt I will ever see another set like this. Too bad I can’t afford to keep these, I’m just the only gun nut the owners knows and asked me to sell them.
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