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      Kind of looking for a Hiking sandal

      Another vote for chacos. They last and are comfortable. I finally replaced my last pair after about 10 years. And I wasn't easy on them either.
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      M1 Goes Kaboom

      A quick web search yields a few hits for that ammo kabooming. Questionable brass maybe?
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      M1 Goes Kaboom

      Primer could be corrosive. Not sure if Turkish is or not. My inclination is that it is. But hey, it's up to you to decide if it's worth it to replace the primer. You could always keep the Turkish ones for a rainy day. Or shoot them in a less awesome rifle.
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      M1 Goes Kaboom

      Seeing things go wrong can be as good or better of a lesson than seeing everything go right! Glad no one was injured and I hope it gets repaired quickly. And I see no reason you couldn't pull and reload. Maybe pop those primers as well.
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      Upgrade electrical?

      Fuses? Forget that business. Upgrade!
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      Upgrade electrical?

      If the panel will take them, could also just snap on some tandem breakers.
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      Hypothetical question ❓

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      Help with scope choices

      When you're aiming at a .25" dot at 50 yards and up, 16 power is the absolute minimum. And parallax adjustment is a must. Totally different game than squirrel hunting.
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      Help with scope choices

      At the range, 9x might be a little light. I have Leupolds on nearly all of my rifles, but I have a vortex diamondback 6-24 on one of my 457s. I am happy with it. For that type and distance, I really wanted a reticle with an open cross hair to see tiny targets. The standard duplex reticles...
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      Bergara BMR .22LR?

      I don't have one, but a friend of mine (whose judgement I trust on the topic of rimfires) does and he speaks highly of it. It's no Anschutz, but it's a good entry into the low end of the high end of rimfires. I've been considering one to pair with my b14 hmr.
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      New branch of the Department of Justice added(5/5/2022) "Office of Environmental Justice"

      No doubt when there is a republican administration in place, this bureaucratic bloat will be cleaned out, right? Right??
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      Baby Formula Shortage Part of the Plan?

      If this is part of the plan, it could backfire. As soon as they say "just breastfeed" they will be acknowledging women are the only ones who can actually bear children.
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      8 pound varget in stock now!!

      It could be worse.
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      Election year = ANTIFA riot season???

      This post didn't age well, did it? Lol
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      Election year = ANTIFA riot season???

      What on earth would they protest? This country is careening left harder than it ever has.
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