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  • Thanks for the rep ! I take the wife and son there quite often... Well, when it's above freezing that is... We do always make it a point to get there at opening so we can leave if things get too busy or crazy.... Never been to Hillside. If I'm not in a sociable mood, I usually go to Ossian where I can rapid fire and not have to worry about others...

    Thanks again for the rep !
    Don't get me wrong...Roush is a great place to plink paper. I know people are human and are prone to error.I still went there many times even after the range was called hot while I was changing targets.
    As for the youngsters there, I was right beside them. There was no "hey y'all look" stuff going on. Just slow fire 22 & trying for good form & tight groups. He just never left them alone. That's not hearsay, that's eye/ear witness account. Like I said, I'm sure he's a nice guy, but if he's really on the up & up, he needs to evaluate the situation & then back off when it's clear that his suggestions or help are not needed. Constantly inserting himself into the group is an unwelcome interruption.
    Nope. Didn't know. But feel free to pass along that it's still creepy. I mean when the young guys see him coming and say "Oh geez, here comes grandpa to hit on our girlfriends again", you know it's a commonly unwelcome move.
    I sure hope not. I hope the mods grant me amnesty because of his low post count and flippant disregard for the rules himself. Plus that nasty price gouge. But anyways, thanks for the rep. :)
    I'm not sure what's going on with my posts. I have to watch it when I'm on my iPad because some of the address changes.
    Thanks for the rep. Just don't call others names (even "troll") and you'll be just fine. That was the only issue and I had to address it when I saw it.
    Thanks....part of me hopes it doesn't sell before my SBR stamp comes back so I can play diplomat protector at the range. :)
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