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  • Nice! Are you
    I was untill i sold the grand am for a bmw then i some how became banned, some shady people run that place. people said you couldn't put the camaro brakes on it with stock rims, found out you could. was a fun car other then it was always in the shop for something dumb. decided when the extended warrenty was almost up it was time to sell.
    Had an 04 gt coupe with the sct package. I lowered it, put camaro brakes on the front, tinted the windows pretty dark (windshield also) had a flow master 80 muffler on it, took out the resonator.. man it sounded better then a mustang gt, also had a tb spacer and cold air intake. at top end it would pull away pretty darned quick from stock, but she drank gas like it was nothing :(
    Hi Don,
    I'd be interested in your pistol primers. I would be more interested in a sale than trade, but could trade if absolutely necessary. I could make the deal with you Saturday. Email or 502 376 0750, 24 hrs a day. If no answer leave a number and time to call you.
    Any chance you might know if someone's sold a sticker of your avatar image? :-D I'd love to have one, although I've noticed that 90% of the people out there have no idea what it means or even understand the history about it.
    What are you asking for the .380 ammo and what quantity will you sell.Is any of it good defense ammo or just plinking rounds

    Grant here...we did a deal about a 12 to 16 months ago on a Colt AR Match...I am trying my best to remember what I gave you for it but I can't remember...I think it was $900 but I'm not you remember?


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