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    1. Denny347

      Anyone else considering voting Sceniak after Young showed us his true colors?

      Just an observation from an voter who has no party affiliation/ties. We wonder how our country has gotten where it is. We have serious issues with how a particular politician votes on KEY issues. Yet since he is a R, he automatically gets the votes since he is not a D. What do you think...
    2. Denny347

      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      That is a HIM problem, not a ME problem. Police work still continues regardless of what he decides to prosecute. All we need is PC.
    3. Denny347

      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      With the exception of the PO/RO, nothing else will show up when an officer run's their information through IDACS and the stop cannot be extended solely to verify this, this is a significant obstacle for LE. Hopefully there is a reasonable answer for this but I doubt it. There will be quite a...
    4. Denny347

      2022 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

      I still managed to spend a
    5. Denny347

      2022 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

      Just dumped my broken down gas grill for this XL Egg. Really getting into the grilling scene. My daughter works for True Value so I get 1/2 off. Just used it on some 14oz Ribeyes. Man did that give me a wonderful sear. Tasty. Can't wait until I get smoking.
    6. Denny347

      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      Frankly, a prohibited person on a traffic stop should advise the officer they are legally allowed to possess the handgun. The officer is not allowed to extend the traffic stop for the sole purpose of confirming that information. Unlike before, where a BMV check as part of the stop would reveal...
    7. Denny347

      Leaked/breaking:Roe v. Wade expected to be overturned

      Yup, ANY veterinarian can do/has done this. No need for a special place.
    8. Denny347

      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      How so? While we had our own lawyers create a Power Point, it essentially says the same thing.
    9. Denny347

      For anything less than murder or rape actively in progress you are on your own in Indianapolis- CMV

      That is an over-simplification of DeShaney v. Winnebago and that is NOT the current state of LE regardless of what your opinion of the "natural progression" of LE is.
    10. Denny347

      Chicago black belt takes down man who allegedly punched 7-Eleven clerk

      BJJ is awesome. He's a black belt but you don't have to be at that level to demonstrate that type of control. The technique he is using, the "giftwrap" is extremely effective in controlling a person, as shown here.
    11. Denny347

      Surprising RINO

      I have been an Independent/Libertarian for decades. Better watch out as one party will accuse you of supporting the other party by voting for a 3rd I am of the opinion that it's time to bring back the Bull Moose Party.
    12. Denny347

      Abuses of Red Flag Law?

      Judge Alito was clear in his concurring opinion, "Provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us. Our decision today does not address those issues." So, Indiana's law will...
    13. Denny347

      Abuses of Red Flag Law?

      Read the law and answer your own questions. IC 35-47-14
    14. Denny347

      If You Want Blood, You Got It..........

      Yeah, I worked a homicide scene where a guy had his jugular cut in an argument. This happened on the 3rd floor landing of an apartment building. While spurting blood, he walked down to the 1st floor, out the front door, across the lawn, and onto the front steps of the next building, where he...
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