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    • Just trying to keep the peace bro. I am sure I will be equally critical of some police activity in the near future. LOL
      TY for the rep. Says I need to spread it around some so I can't rep you back for your latest response...
      Thanks for the rep. And you're welcome. It always gives me pause when we have one of these officer-shot situations. But this one was a little surreal since I somewhat knew the guy. You guys (LEOs) must get a cold sweat when you hear about one, knowing but for the Grace of God it could have been you. My thanks for what you do. I know I couldn't.
      Thanks for the rep! Been a busy year, picked up a lot more acerage to farm this year, almost double. Thank God for crop INS! Did 6 weeks of travel as well. Took the Harley out west along I 90, Down I 5 to I 40 then kinda wandered back home thru the south.
      GREAT FRIGGEN trip!
      Anytime sire. I may not like LEO much but you have always been a standup guy here and I for one appreciate that very much.
      Just being honest. I think sometimes people get too wrapped up and fail to see the argument is about one, not all. :-)
      Thanks for the comment. Overall I've enjoyed and respected your comments too. I must confess I had some trouble with your comments on Officer Bisard, but I know as a fairly hard-core motorcyclist I'm prejudiced. Your comments tempered my own attitudes to no small degree. Gotta thank you for that. Question: Do you have a Cheezburger account? I do and need someone to toss extra collectibles to.
      Thanks. Oh...I've read Dawkins! I would propose he's probably the smartest man on earth. That said, I also think he knows it! I love all of his work. I was trying to avoid the outright arguments against it. I personally think the it's silly to "buy" the complex theory of evolution and still believe in a magical creator....but everyone has to make that choice for themselves.
      Thanks! :D That just goes to show ya that "stupid logic" can be applied by anyone with an "agenda". ;)
      Thanks for the rep. I can agree to disagree on the issue, but the folks who keep deliberately misrepresenting the issue because they don't agree with it drive me to distraction.
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