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    • Thank you for the rep Denny. I am just about through with an Intro to Criminology class. Evidence based crime prevention and solving must make LE work based heavily on certain aspects of science which I presume you depend upon and appreciate. - Doug
      Thanks for the rep, but the kudos belong to you and your coworkers for the hard work of making my statement the truth.
      Thanks for the rep. But I have to give credit to Kirk. He's mentioned the tax deduction before but I added the mileage and per deim stuff. :)
      I just reppd you and said "armchair quarterbacking". I didnt mean that you were. I meant others in the thread.
      Thanks for the rep, Denny. I have a couple more charges against President Obama, but that one is the biggie. You are right, though it would seem to be huge, very few people seem to care. Perhaps not all that many of us are sufficiently forward-looking to see where this is bound to go.
      Wow, I actually started to read that in his voice. Reminds the first time I read this Oh man, it's true... - Imgur
      When we first bought the house, the grass was about 3-4 feet tall. The guy we hired to bush hog the yard got stuck in 2 of the sinkholes from where an old barn was buried years ago. :-/
      ty for the rep. Half my family thinks I am nuts because of my views about goverment and guns. I just think I am the normal one
      Just weird to me. To me, show respect and receive respect back. When around PD, I declare and if asked, show permit. Even the young ones say "No problem."
      Get in PD's face and he's gonna come back on you in any state.
      Thanks for the rep Den. We're alright, still in the cleanup phase actually. Insurance company said I could only "fix enough to prevent any further damage." After that it would void my claim. Am I supposed to live with a tree precariously balanced on my house and a hole in my roof? **** that noise.
      Thanks....yes it is true. We have been together since May 2000. Whenever I tell people how long we've been together, I always say "but it only seems like 5 years...underwater.". She just loves that. :D
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