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  • Welcome back! Thank you so much for your service. My Nephew is in Iran right now. I'm so proud of him. That Kimber looks pretty sweet.
    thanks for the rep, and more importantly, thanks for your service! Keep up the good fight, and come home safe! :patriot:
    HEY, how are you ? Thanks for the rep. You keep yer head and ass wired together over there. Best to you and the family. If you they need anything, just holler. By the way... it's -1 degree outside this morning. Just figured I'd mention it. :cool:
    just wanted to say hi. born and raised not too far from you in logansport, but live in ft wayne now. very nice collection you got there in your toys album!
    Awesome brother. I am headed to Ktown today for a trade. Call me when you get stateside so we can hook up...
    Hi Bobby, I'd be happy to have you both. The Saturday after Thanksgiving would work best for me, as I have personal protection classes on Friday and Sunday. FYI, the Ft Wayne gun show is Nov 28th and 29th, if you have any interest. Happy birthday to you too. Semper Fi.
    Hey buddy LTNS!!! Glad to hear you got your net back, was kind of wondering what was up. Doesn't look like much is planned in the Indy area this month other than the standard shoots. Glad you guys liked the letters, I wish I could have read them lol Killed me sitting on those not being able to read them lol Oh well, atleast they reached you guys! How long of a leave are you getting?
    Thanks for the rep! I tried to give some to you earlier in this thread, but I'm out right now. I'll hit ya later. Welcome back and most of all, thanks for your service!
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