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  • Thanks for the rep Coach. Every day I try to get a little better than the day before. Not just with shooting but in life.
    If you can spring free on 1-12-13, we'd be glad to have you!
    By the way, just today, it was approved by ILEA for mandatory 24 hours/year in-service training. Feel free to tell any LEOs.
    Hi Coach,
    'Can you post a RECENT training schedule (or send me one). Interested in pistol training. Don't need basic (I', 13 years Army) but I have a couple of new pistols and I need familiarization. I live in Avon, In. west of Indy. Thanks a lot!

    Carl Duke
    821 Seabreeze Dr
    Avon, IN 46123
    could you email me the reg form for act at warsaw in oct.? im looking forward to my first formal training.
    Hey Coach; Mike Thompson said that you are going to be doing some classes that pertain to uspsa this year at Atlanta can you give me some more info

    Couldn't get the Oct 10th thread tto come up. (Stupid Computer (Operator)) I plan on attending. Just no rain please! LOL. See you then
    I'm not making this one Coach, so don't expect me. I'm signed up for that trauma triage class that RedNeckMedic's putting on, and it runs up to the start time for your class. I really wanted to try the doors and foot controls, too...maybe next class.
    Hey Coach,
    I'm gonna need directions and an address.
    Looking forward to it.
    Thanks, Bill
    I'm going to have to drop out of Saturday's Comp 201 class. I've been reminded I'm promised to help out elsewhere, and I can't get out of it.
    Sorry for the short notice.

    Hello I was wondering if there are any spots left for the class on the 18th of April?
    My brother and I might be interested if there are
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