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    Lights on guns. WHY????

    My wife asks this same question because I have lights on my guns but have never had to use them outside of training. Well, I've never had to use my guns outside of training either lol.
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    Classifieds; Why Post Trade Only?

    Always my mentality with trade only items.
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    Stolen Pistols

    Again proving criminals don't follow laws. Sorry they got you, I'll keep an eye out.
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    WTB: Primary Arms ACSS LPVO

    Looking for a 1-6X located in Hartford City.
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    AR10 LPVO

    Currently building my first AR10 on a 18" Aero platform. I've used some LPVO's in the past, but never owned one. The max distance I'll shoot at on a regular basis is 150yds. I'm thinking I'd be happy with a 1-8X. What are some of your opinions on the $300-$500 range? I've been looking at Vortex...
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    Olight Odin

    I bought an Odin day 1. It's been great. If I were going to complain it would be a little jiggle with the factory mount, but if it bothers you just buy an aftermarket mount.
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    Supporting Local Gun Shops - How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

    My FFL's are happy to make the $30 off my transfer. It doesn't cost them a penny more to do my transfer since they're already there, it's 100% profit.
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    WTT: 450rds American Eagle 124gr 9mm FMJ

    Looking to trade for a nice 1-4, 1-6, or 1-8 LPVO for my AR10. Located in Hartford City.
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    Ammo prices in market place

    22 seems to always be the best bartering ammo.
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