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  • Rookie mistake here ... I just realized I posted a message to myself thinking I posted it to you. my apologies.


    As I look at the CHIAPPA website http://www.chiappafirearms.com/product/38, I'm not sure which configuration you have -- standard or target.

    If you could just confirm that what is shown on their website is what you have for sale and whether you have the standard or target, I'll confirm with you I'll buy it.

    I've been watching these on www.budsgunshop.com and have one on my watch list. Bud's lists a standard version last sold for $267 and a target version last sold for $298. I assume once they get more in stock the price would be similar and I have a $15 FFL fee at the place down the street that lands these for me.

    Thank you for your offer to meet me in Indy.

    Regards, Dave
    I'm interested in the Chiappa. I worked all day to get my posts above the threshold so I could send you a note.

    I'm located 40 min south of Indy and can meet you FTF.
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