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  • Nope, I'll be at work. :(
    I am, however, pleased to hear of all that the weekend will entail. :yesway:
    Thanks! I went ahead and joined the RWVA. Got my card in the mail today. I am looking forward to Rochester in March. See ya!
    Thank You! Being surrounded by people like you and ALL of your family, and the other instructors and apple core involved in appleseeed, makes it an honor for me, to work with all of you!
    Thanks again. Hypocrisy is hard for some folks to see from the moral highground. The original question wasn't any real big deal for me, but the self righteous responses and veiled and not so veiled insults were getting old.
    Unfortunately, I'm not at the moment. I travel way to much to be able to give the position what I feel it deserves. But, I am looking and if I am fortunate enough to be able to find employ that doesn't keep me away, I will be under that hat before you can say "Unload and Clear". LOL

    BTW: Abby has been raving about working with you last weekend. She loved it!
    :laugh Ain't that the truth! I've not been to a Friday night party in a LONG time so I could be biased... :):
    Not much "learnin'" to it, babe. Just sweep it when it's on the fly and pull the trigger when your sights are a little in front of it...By the time the pellets are out there, the clay will sort of fly right into them. It's big fun! Do try it. And even if you don't, you should have a shotgun for home defense anyhow! :)
    Thanks for the rep!! :yesway:
    I was at the last one. I don't mind the drive--I had the little engraved Browning pistol. I would really like to come, but I have to work that night. If I can go in a little late, my wife and I will both show up. Also, she and I are both really interested interested in Appleseed. I almost bought her a new 10/.22 today--she reminded me of a few bills and food we needed this particular week, but next week, we'll be good.
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